Sainthood Process: Thousands of Pages

Watch as Rev. Gabriel O’Donnell, O.P., academic dean at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, shows correspondent Kim Lawton some of the thousands of documents he assembled as “postulator” or point person for the sainthood cause of Father Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus.


  • Ben O. Jone


    In your report on the papal process of bestowing sainthood to the late Pope John Paul II, I was disappointed in the absence of any mention about his disfavor toward the Catholic clergy labeled as liberation theologians for their dedication to the welfare of the poor and native populations in Central America and his disturbing silence over the ruthless slaughter of some quarter of a million people, forming a “river of blood”, by right-wing oligarch death squads with the illegal arming and financing given by the Reagan administration.

    It may be understandable that the late pope held a sense of aversion to Communism or Marxism from his experience as a Pole under the Soviet domination. But the Vatican Authority should clarify whether his stance toward those priests and Catholic workers in El Salvador and elsewhere, many of whom were chased away, brutalized or even assassinated for nothing more than caring for the poor, should be a factor in the sainthood process.

    The Church has already suffered a great deal from its clergy sex scandals, more from covering them up than from the misdeeds involved.

    I hope R&E will bring this disturbing but relevant fact in a future report.