James Carroll Extended Interview

Violence in Jerusalem is no surprise, says writer James Carroll, “because that’s the human story. The great thing about Jerusalem is it’s a place where the human story gets transcended.”


  • Dr. Sheila Frank

    I have the greatest respect for James Carroll. I have read ” The Sword Of Constantine”.

    I am of Jewish background. I identify strongly with the Jewish culture. I am not however a religious Jew. I think that people like Karen Armstrong are helping to guide us in a more evolved way where we may all worship together. In the name of Empathy and compassion.

    That said. I am like many others very concerned that the Jewish people are only 65 years later once again facing the threat of extermination.

    Does James Carroll think the Palestinians really want peace with the Jews? As long as they ccontinue to be funded by Iran, Russia and several others nations?

    I wish I could believe this, but I do not. Until their source of revenue is halted, they will not find their way to serious negotiations. I believe in the establishment of a Palestinian state. I think Israel must make compromises. But not ones that would basically open the way to another shoah.