Roméo Dallaire: How Can Humanity Abandon Humanity?

Watch excerpts from our May 23, 2011 interview with retired Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, author of “Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda.” His most recent book is “They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children: The Global Quest to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers” (Walker & Company). Produced by Patti Jette Hanley. Edited by Fred Yi.

Watch an excerpt from our May 23, 2011 interview with the man who served as force commander of the UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda in 1993-1994. Retired Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire says the West is failing in its responsibility to protect the innocent in Libya and now may face a war of attrition.


  • David

    “There was a feeling that it was not a human hand…. We were literally abandoned by the world.” The General does an excellent job of showing us the spiritual wounds of war. These wounds are the ones that take the longest to heal. He is in a noble tradition of warriors who have dedicated the remainder of their life to helping people recover from their war-trauma. May all of us who have participated in war do the same.

    His work on child soldiers reminded me of Brian Mockenhaupt’s article that came out the same day the US Navy killed OBL: “That men are drawn to war is no surprise. How old are boys before they turn a finger and thumb into a pistol? Long before they love girls, they love war, at least everything they imagine war to be: guns and explosions and manliness and courage.”

    Heroes, hoods, and healers are all drawn to War and we can never be sure which of these we are.

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