Ron Paul: Liberty Comes from the Creator

On May 13, 2011, 2008 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul formally announced he is running again in 2012. A medical doctor from Texas, Paul is known for his libertarian views. Raised a Lutheran, he baptized his children in the Episcopal Church and says he now attends a Baptist church in Texas. Watch excerpts from Paul’s June 3, 2011 speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, where he describes his views on abortion, liberty, and limited government.


  • Marcello

    I like this guy — he’s solidly Christian, yet a committed defender of religious liberty for all. His unqualified defense of the “Ground Zero Mosque” was rational, sensible, and solidly rooted in the Constitution. What a shame that there aren’t more conservatives like him.

  • sal

    I agree with Ron Paul on many issues. He is the only real genuine hope to save this country second to God.

  • Steve

    Why cant there be an atheist for president? A guy that does not believe in 2000 year old myth? Now that is a guy I could vote for.

  • Kristen

    Why not an atheist for President?…well don’t you want our President to know the Truth and know Reality from Make Believe? How about having our President stick by how our country was founded? Come on, your vision of myth is bass-ackwards Steve. Sure am glad our President knows what’s up on that issue.

  • Mark

    If we’re to have a President with no moral values and standing on his own fictional front teeth, then why not bring an opposing President who believes in everything wicked and what is morally abtruse? Why not have a President who commits whoredoms in the pulpit and defiles the nation by swallowing people’s pride and their arrogant diplomacy for social conservation of what is pure and right. Why does it have to be wretchedry? Why not have a cabinet who supports occult literature in the schools and devil worshipping in the public arenas. Why not show who really runs the show and controls the governors and arenas of our world? Why not uncover the media twist and show the satanist that satan isn’t a game? Why not become more like the followers of magic and ask the gods of the underworld to take control of the nation? IS that not what we’re alluding to? Is that not what leaving God outside of our politics is doing? IS that not the agenda of social dominance? He who rules his tongue will rule the world. Those who guard their senses will become the social extremists who will we label the segregated. Who will stand for this? Who will fight for truth?