The King James Bible: “Masterpiece by Committee”

Watch more of Kim Lawton’s interviews about the background surrounding the King James Version of the Bible with Jon Sweeney, author of the new book Verily, Verily; and Professor Scott Carroll, director of the Green Collection, one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts. Also, see part of a Green Collection traveling exhibition that was unveiled during a March 31 reception at the Embassy of the Holy See in Washington.


  • Ben O. Jone

    It would be very nice if the weekly program is made available via online stream since it is frequently canceled because of the frequent pbs fundrasing.

  • Petrus

    Does anyone care that the original King James Bible contained all of the Old Testament books found in the Greek Septuagint Old Testament? And that it only contains 88 books because it was decimated by the radical reformers, who ripped out 12 books that had been part of the Bible since 250BC?

    Jesus himself read from the Septuagint Old Testament. Check out even if you have an NIV: Luke Ch4, he uses the Septuagint version of Isaiah to teach in the Synagogue.

  • Jane

    I thought the KJV segment was very informative. Thank you for pulling it together.

  • Boima Cooper

    I believe that the King James Version is the master piece. It does not contains 88 books. It has only 66 books. It is not corrupted. Others Bible are corrupted. For example the NIV, American Standard Version, New World Translation, etc. The KJV will always be the supreme Bible

  • Jack

    I love the language of the King James version. However, do you really think that a “supreme” Bible is possible from humanity?