Higher Ground

Writer and author Frederica Mathewes-Green comments on Vera Farmiga’s latest film, “Higher Ground,” which also marks Farmiga’s début as a director. The actress plays Corinne,  a woman who struggles with faith, doubt, and conservative evangelical Christianity. Interview by Julie Mashack. Edited by Fred Yi.


  • Cecilia Broussard

    Thank you for a wonderful interview of ths movie! I have seen many of Vera’s movies and I think this is the finest movie she has done.In our area the movie opened late and is being shown only on one screen, but I’m so glad I got the chance see it. I think Vera is out of the country making another movie but how nice it would have been for you to interview her while you spoke of this. This was the first time she directed and I think she also did an excellent job. Do you think she will do more fine work like this in the future? Do you know when a DVD will come out of Higher Ground? Thanks Again!