GOP Presidential Frontrunners on Religion

Watch excerpts of Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry speaking at the Values Voter Summit, October 7- 8, 2011, in Washington, DC.


  • artist9911

    Perry is the only one who is believable on this clip. The others sound phony.

  • Tom Loebmann

    Herman Cain sounds good!

  • Nigel

    As an outsider (a foreigner), I have to say that Herman Cain’s tone is a bunch of hype and hypocritical. Rick Perry’s tone is sappy, theatrical and unbelievable. Romney’s tone is the only one with intelligence – believable, really.

  • JDE

    “Perry is the only one who is believable on this clip. The others sound phony.”

    “Herman Cain sounds good!”

    Please. Romney is the only Republican candidate who doesn’t belong in a psychiatric facility – and he’s no prize.

  • David Korb

    It is time for Americans to suspend their financial support for public radio, and television. The reason to submit this now is, it has never been more obvious to more people how NPR, PBS, MPR, and other public supported broadcast networks continue to steer the political whims of multinational’s, banking system, and political parties. Case in point…the silence of Ron Paul’s candidacy as a front-runner in the polls of the republican, democrat, and independent parties, is deafening. The marriage to multinationals like the Koch brothers, Bill Gates, Monsanto, Wells Fargo, AIG, pharma, and many more is acceptable, only if the public who supports your programming, is also given equal time. It is time for the public to suspend all support to these “public” radio and television networks.