Lisa Miller Extended Interview

“Nothing Rob Bell has said is new,” says author and columnist Lisa Miller. “There has been this long conversation for twenty-five hundred years about what heaven is and who gets to go.” Watch more of our interview with her about heaven and megachurch pastor Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.”


  • JDE

    I disagree with Lisa Miller’s assertion that the political empowerment of the Christian Right led to secular education for evangelicals, which led to a wider, more inclusive view. To the contrary, they’ve remained, as a subculture, as firmly entrenched as they ever were, and have spent the past thirty years decimating our educational system (making us the laughing stock of the developed world in the process) and voting into office the criminals and lunatics who are chiefly responsible for our current socioeconomic debacle.

    America is finished – we aren’t coming back from this – and it’s largely their fault. Their empowerment and involvement in the political process has been disastrous for the rest of us; we were far better off when they kept to themselves and spent their lives fantasizing about our impending damnation.

  • TB

    @JDE: that’s just bad history. The first hospitals were started by Christians; public education began as “Sunday school,” when Christians who could read and write began classes for those who could not; the anti-slavery movement in the U.S., women’s suffrage, the battle for the 8-hour workday and laws against child labor, the YWCA and YMCA, many efforts to protect animals from abuse, and much more – these were generated by the Christian impulse to create a more heavenly earth and to take ever more seriously the notion that all persons, and all creation, is the domain and love of God. Even capitalism – the notion that an individual should be free to pursue his or her own happiness in whatever fashion – is rooted in Christianity, tied to Christian and Jewish moral history, and given boundaries and limitations within the prophetic work of the Bible.

    The so-called “developed world” that you want us to imitate is actually the regressive world, the one that says we need earthly saviors (hence, Obama as heroic figure) because we cannot govern ourselves. That world rejects individual worth, free range to self-expression, faith in a innate “pressure” to the Good (the Godly). It looks only at what the human race has not yet accomplished and ignores the distance we have come; it rejects the good for not being perfect; it puts faith in the capacity of flawed human beings to create a system that can perfect human character – a truly mistaken, indeed irrational, notion.

  • JDE


    Your first paragraph – utterly irrelevant to my post (and historically inaccurate, in any case).

    Your second paragraph – conservative Christian talking points. Not worth my time.

  • David

    @JDE: I hope you do you feel better now that you have the last word, but denying truth doesn’t make it go away. Thank You @TB – for first paragraph is correct. I love how someone will have disregard for other’s notions by calling them ‘talking points’. I suspect too much TV echo chamber new shows….

  • JDE

    @David – Typical conservative Christian; wagons-in-a-circle mentality.

    TB’s entire comment contains nothing but factual inaccuracies. Regardless, it is utterly irrelevant to my first comment. S/he merely felt the need to proclaim.

    They most certainly are “talking points” – factoids gleaned from listening solely to one’s pastor.

    Why are you people even posting comments here? Isn’t Fox News on?

  • Eugene Pistorese

    And the discussion disolves because we all insist on constructing reality–with our own beliefs and our own facts to support them. Interesting.