Madeleine L’Engle Extended Interview

“There’s a flaw in human nature, and it’s in all great writing, the tragic flaw… and yet there is the expectation that ultimately it’s going to be okay,” said this beloved author and lay Episcopalian, who described herself as “a writer who is struggling to be a Christian.”


  • jlc

    What an amazing woman ! Interesting observation on Lewis and Chesterson. I would have loved to hear expound on that topic.

  • PBSer

    What horrible, poorly developed, non-orthodox theology. I wish she could understand how great are those things which she despises.

  • Corey Holly

    “God is love” is the flaw. God is just an idea. A noun. An invention of ages past. Love is real. Love is what matters. We need to let go of the idea and belief of a god and focus on love. Love saves us. Jesus was right to say, “Love your neighbor as yourselves.” He and everyone else was wrong about the idea and belief of God. God is fiction and we are not agreeing with it. We never have and we never will. Love is not easy. We don’t always agree on it either, but we must realize that love is the thing that benefits humanity. It’s the essence of sanity. That which is good for humanity. For the individual and society. It is patient, kind, merciful, forgiving, compassionate and understanding. We must strive to love and forget about religion(s). Let’s work together to love one another. Period. No exceptions.

  • Charles Reed

    God is love…is not the flaw..the flaw is that people presume to know the mind of God…what a beautiful testimony to what God is and isn’t …

  • Diane Sadler

    Amen, Corey (amen: now there’s an oxymoron, eh?) I agree wholeheartedly. Time we evolved beyond thinking we needed to be created by something that is like a parent, all powerful, all knowing. Love is tangible, attainable, personal, and real. Let’s stick with that. With God out of the way, we can focus on making what we’ve always said about God real: love. Love alone is enough to accomplish.

  • Justin B.

    Madeleine L’Engle shares Karen Amrstrong’s intelligent vision of God. Its a pity that some Christians have essentially have preserved very infantile idea of him. Now, I use the male pronoun as a way of showing “he” has intelligence, but is not male in our sense.People always assume God comes attached with male reproductive organs, a stern voice, and billowy, manly beard. Within all her writings, Madeleine L’Engle always questions these conventional ideas, and preserves God’s sacredness as something dynamic, and mutable within our minds. I think we forget we are developing creatures, who are undergoing constant change. Why should our ideas of God remain permanently fixed?

    Even if I became an atheist (I’m an agnostic/deist at this point), I would still love Madeleine L’Engle because she is cerebral, and sensible. I’ve always loved her books, most notably “A Ring of Endless Light,” “A Swiftly Turning Planet,” and “A Severed Wasp.” I pity those who reject her because they find that she refuses to sacrifice her artistic integrity in the name of artless ideas of Christianity.

    I’ll always love Madeleine L’Engle!!

  • Classified

    I greatly appreciate her as an author, however to really see the beauty behind her pieces it takes a greater mind than expected. She teaches silently and shares openly and that’s what makes it all the more enticing and enriching. To read her pieces is to be surrounded by immense and vast knowledge and art. She doesn’t need to explain anymore than she has, she teaches how to comprehend with the words of her heart, and the intellect of her mind. She can control with beauty, if you decided to let your soul free to her art-work and pure geniusness.