“Now We’re Hearing from the World”

Watch essayist, farmer, poet, and conservationist Wendell Berry, whose work often reflects religious and moral ideals and who spoke on May 4, 2010 at the Arlington Public Library in Virginia. Here he responds to a question about cheap oil and how it allows us to live. He says the issue is one of ignoring limits, and he calls the recent BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill “news from the world” in noisy response to the way we have gone after oil and mineral resources.

  • Rudy Ressmeyer

    Perhaps someday we’ll finally learn or greed will be the death of us!

  • Frederick Park

    Likely that most readers here are the “choir”. To send this message to the “Tea Party” or their ilk, and find some measure of acceptance by our own efforts to simply state the obvious, clearly, calmly and with a measure of appreciation of the worth of our audience, that, it seems to me, is the work at hand suggested by such a clear voice as Mr. Berry has always shared.

  • Sun

    It’s simple cut everything in half, prices, greed, consumerism etc.. Do we really need 10,000 sq ft homes with only 2 or 3 people living there..

  • julia

    where ever people are hunry it because of war in that country is spending all its moner on weapon for that war in that country ..we have forgotton about God Prosemise. please for give some of my spelling i haven use this weitting for a while..God bless you and your mission for him….

  • Oil Spill Animals

    It’s always uplifting to hear or read the words of Wendell Berry.

    Merle Braley

  • Lu

    Sun is correct, “cut everything in half”. That ALSO MEANS THE POPULATION.
    We have far too many on this planet to sustain it and are headed for a catastrophe.

  • Mark in Oz

    It’s great to hear a man as great as W Berry to utter the words that I have thought all along with regard the global warming hoax: “Waiting for someone to come along and say, “look have to use less”. A Carbon Tax is a SCAM people perpetrated by Al Gore through Goldman Sachs (suprising is it that all carbon trading will go through a corporation set up by GS for Al Gore). It’s one big SCAM

  • Jimmye Hillman (PhD.)

    Dear Wendell Berry:

    My name is Jimmye Hillman and I am in my 90thyear. I am the father of Brenda Hillman, the poet, and father=in-law to Robert Hass. Here is a wee Bio.:

    Jimmye Hillman was born in 1923 and grew up on a subsistence farm in southern Mississippi. He received his Ph.D. at the University of California Berkeley, and has been associated with the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he served as Head of Department of Agricultural Economics for thirty years while doing ground-breaking work in agricultural and trade policy. He is now Professor Emeritus. He has also served as the Executive Director for the National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber under President Lyndon Johnson and as Consultant on U.S.-Japanese agricultural trade policies during the Reagan Administration. Hillman’s other honors include: Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University; Fulbright Fellow, Lincoln College, New Zealand; and an honorary doctorate from the University of Ceará, Brazil.

    I have just written a book which I would like you to look at and , I hope, would comment on. The book is entitled “Hogs, Mules, and Yellow Dogs….” Here’s, a “blurb.”:

    To ensure that the world of his childhood wouldn’t slip away, Jimmye Hillman has gathered together accounts of his family and the people of Old Washington village. These are humorous stories of hog-hunting and heart-warming tales of poverty, set against the Mississippi piney woods and Depression-era living conditions. More than just childhood memories and family saga, Hogs, Mules, and Yellow Dogs serves as a snapshot of the natural, historical, religious, and political climate of the time and place. Former Governor William Winter says, “Jimmye Hillman has preserved for us in his inimitable style the almost-lost stories of life in a different time.” This is a remarkable story of how we once lived in Greene County.

    I would be happy to hear from you.


    Jimmye Hillman

  • Frank Montelione

    Who would be the arbitrator that would decide on what half remains and who is disposable? Do we have forced abortions as China does? Do we go to a Soylent Green scenario? Do we adopt euthanasia as standard medical treatment? Sterilization?
    I would think that finding a way to stop the wastefulness would be more sensible. Your solution is rather drastic and who is to play God if your plan ever found proponents.