American Buddhism on the Rise

At the opening night (June 14) of the third annual BuddhaFest film festival in Arlington, Virginia, we asked attendees to talk about their attraction to Buddhism. Watch an audio slideshow of the interviews, and listen to American University Buddhist chaplain Bhante Uparatana lead a Buddhist chant during the opening ceremony. Photographs by Sam Pinczuk. Interviews and editing by Fred Yi. Chant audio provided by

  • Channah

    Buddhism is a concept. It is a way and feeling of life. It is a concept that can be taken into any belief and religion and giv the follower a feeling of contentment and spiritual peace.

  • Jennifer Smith

    Well done. I enjoyed this piece very much. It was informative and well presented. The photographs are engaging. Keep sharing up the good work. I’m a fan!

  • Joshua

    Informative! I enjoyed watching the visuals!

  • Kurt

    To the woman who works for a defense contractor—ever heard of “right livelihood”? It’s number 5 on the noble eightfold path…

  • JP Homers

    Are there any scholarly articles on why Americans are attracted to Buddism?