Amy-Jill Levine Extended Interview

We all choose how to read religious texts, says Vanderbilt Divinity School New Testament and Jewish studies professor Amy-Jill Levine, co-editor of “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” (Oxford University Press, 2011) . “And what we can do is read graciously in the presence of our neighbor.” Watch more of our interview with her about the Jewish story of the New Testament.


  • Rita

    Thank you for this wonderful extended interview; Prof Levine provided some beautiful insights into understanding the intimate connections between Jewish and Christian beliefs.

  • Helen Seager

    Just reading the list of related readings implies that the question “Why haven’t the Jews accepted Jesus” is more complex than you’d expect. Remember, Jews are “saved” by God alone, and Judaism is by itself salvific..

    It is enough for me, a Christian, to know that Jesus used the TOrah to reply to the devil during his temptation, and quoted a Psalm from the cross. Jesus was well versed in Jewish history, law, and prophets. The first Christians were Jews, Paul writes that Judaism is the root, Christianity is the branch on which Christianity grows and thrives.

    Judaism is the source of the greatest gift God has given to Christians: Jesus. Yet, our historical response to that gift has not been respectful gratitude but centuries of persecution via Cruades, ghettos, pogroms, innuendo, and attempted annihilation — in the “name of God.”

  • Linda thompson

    I enjoyed Dr. Levine’s comments and wish it were that we all were so accepting of our common roots and could engage in more dialogue rather than disliking (even hating) each other because we feel we have the ultimate truth and path to God. We spend so much time legalizing our beliefs and pointing out the falseness of the other’s beliefs that we are not worshiping the Creator who made us all. This Creator loves us all equally and if anyone was Chosen, it was to do a good work, not to get special favors. Following rules, laws and doctrine does not make us better than another, and as I said earlier, distracts us from the true worship our God and Creator asks of us. It seems the issue is not whether we accept Jesus’ Jewishness but whether He is the required Savior of all and utlimate Messiah of the Jews.

  • Mark Perry-Nash

    Professor Levine has the courage and the vision to put into words what many have known for a long time: that it is basically impossible to understand Jesus without reference to First Century Judaism. Jesus has been yanked out of Judaism and ‘transformed’ by centuries of rewriting into a Greek god-man, rather than the Jewish wisdom-teacher that he was. One does not become less of a follower of Jesus by realizing this. On the contrary, Jesus becomes more real, more complete and more wonderful!

  • Robert Miller

    Can I get a copy of the extended interview?
    If so, how?

  • Bob Miller

    How can I get a download of this extended interview?

  • Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

    Dr. Amy-Jill Levine’s work is featured in Christian Studies in Israel Blog as well

  • John Lafferty

    Thank you for the information about

  • Robert Ramos

    Amy Jill Levine thank you for the research you have done. I also as Messianic Gentile, who love’s Torah and the Jewish people have spent my life trying to make amends with Jews and Gentile. 1/2/2013