RNC 2012: Catholic Republicans on Religious Liberty and the Budget

Watch more of Kim Lawton’s interviews with former US Ambassador to the Vatican and co-chair of Catholics for Romney Jim Nicholson, and Maureen Ferguson, senior policy advisor with the Catholic Association, who talk about what on the Romney-Ryan agenda resonates with Catholics; Catholic religious liberty concerns over the Obama administration’s health care mandate that requires employers provide contraceptive services free of charge; and debate about whether proposed budget cuts to federal programs will hurt the poor and violate Catholic social teaching.


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  • Bob Martin

    I am not Catholic, however I truly beleie in your political agenda, as well as other organizations in the wonderful country that could get better in so many ways and especially out freedoms and guarantees in our Constitution. We are doing a exceptionally poor job in choosing our leaders.I call our new form of government a modified dictatorship. Very sincerely Bob Martin

  • Joseph Giovannelli

    I left the Catholic church many years ago because of this kind of delusional thinking. It would appear the Fundamentalist Christian crazies have infiltrated the Catholic church.