None of the Above: Interviews with the Religiously Unaffiliated

We continue our series on the rise of the religiously unaffiliated with a report from managing editor Kim Lawton on political implications. Watch clips of her interviews with young “nones” in Akron, Ohio about their views on religion and politics.


  • Nancy D.

    Nice to see young atheists speak out. More atheists should come forward & dispel myths about atheists. We’re moral, we just don’t believe in a god.

  • Rosemary

    Would you PLEASE tell me why you air stories with such an obvious left-leaning slant? The woman who espoused same sex-marriage and abortion “rights” (since when is killing a baby a “right”?) made me furious. This is NOT what our country needs. And the word is ATHEIST not a euphemisms such as “nones”and “un or non affiliated.”

  • Amanda M. Walker

    I am agnostic, registered independent, 29 years old female & have voted in every election since I was 18. I believe a major contributing factor for politicians ignoring the mass number of voters who are “nones” is simple religious voters have a lot of power. A politician doesn’t want to lose those votes, money, political pull, etc. I live in Oklahoma if any politician or even elected official were to say they aren’t religious (in this state that means Christians only are wanted sadly) they would stand no chance. My being augnostic doesn’t mean I’m barbaric, without morals & values or hunting others to “turn them” into such things (I have heard this actually many times or some variation). I personally have very conservative beliefs & I also have some very liberal views. Politics are so closely tied to religion in this nation rather we want to admit it or not.

  • Rachel Kennell

    I disagree Nancy. Where do morals come from ? When religion is in a set place of a person’s life ; it starts a foundation of right and wrong. Parents have a lot of involvement in a child’s life but what about the children who weren’t involved with their parents or guardians? Its the best to have some religious involvement good or bad.

  • John A.

    Thank-You for these segments, as painful as they may be to your audience – after all there is the title the show carries. I think your depictions are brave (in nonjudgement) and accurate. I was a sort of “none” for 20 years. I was nonobservant and seeking in the sense of “Good without God”. What I found was that without religion, one’s internal goodness gets worn down by the worldly – business pressures, etc, etc and I as a person needed to hear the minister and the readings to offset this world, after I got to know the world better. BTW I can report that there’s no politics in this church (happens to be Catholic).