Robert Ellsberg Extended Interview

“Holiness is the vocation of all Christians. It’s what we’re called to be. It doesn’t mean to be canonized. It doesn’t mean to be called ‘saint’…It means to be the person God wants us to be, to be a person whose life reflects the love of Christ.”


  • Kathleen Spreen Christenson

    Great interview.
    Many years ago I read her autobiography and found that she had studied Nursing at Kings County Hospital School of Nursing. She did not finish her studies as she felt she would better meet the needs of people by writing. Thus she returned to Journalism.
    As a youngster, I clearly remember her from photos, newspaper articles and TV news reports of her stand against war. It was such a heroic thing to do especially at that time.
    Years later, when I read that she had attended for a period of time KCHC the School of Nursing in Brooklyn that I graduated from over 54 years ago, I try to reflect that I walked those same wards, units, class rooms where a saint was in formation.
    She has long been one of my favorites and one that I use for mediation or to chase away the anger I feel towards the power structure of my Catholic Church. I love my church and take it along with my own ugly imperfections.

  • Humanist

    A truly beautiful woman. Very inspirational.