Papal Resignation and Succession: A Jewish Perspective

Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, reflects on Pope Benedict’s impact on Jewish-Catholic relations. “There were some bumps in the road, some moments that created tension…but they clearly were aberrations in a path that strengthened relations between the Church and the Jewish community,” he says.


  • JDE

    “Bumps in the road”? Please. As a Jew, I was not at all impressed by this Pope’s purported “outreach” to world Jewry. I saw it as merely so much window dressing.

    I suppose R. Saperstein felt it was only within his purview to comment on Catholic-Jewish relations, but I find him too willing to look the other way concerning the abuses of this Pope and his regime, particularly on the issue of sexual abuse within the Church, to which he makes only a passing reference.