Sister Mary Hughes Extended Interview

“One of the great gifts of Vatican II was that it sent us back to study what the Gospels were saying.”


  • Francine Schwarzenberger OP

    As a woman religious and a Dominican, I am heartened by your responses in this interview. Thank you for reiterating that our life is rooted in the Gospel values.

  • Theresa Pitruzzello, CSJ

    Sister Mary,
    Thank you for your prayerful responses, your consideration of the subtilities and nuances in issues facing the church, our world, and Catholics (including but not limited to Sisters and hierarchy) today.

  • Nanci S. Fanelli – Willmer

    I am so sorry, but there was so little I could hear on my computer ~ BUT one of the most IMPORTANT was that Vatican II enabled you & the other sisters to learn MORE ABOUT JESUS & what the GOSPELS were really saying….That is why HE was here, to Spread “Good News” & the lessons that NEEDED to be spread!!!

    too have studed the Gospels & what Jesus has said & meant & T IS SUCH a GIFT!!! Such a BLESSNG!!
    God Bless you always!! Nanci Fanelli – {Willmer} from 1972

  • Therese Monaghan O.P.

    I listened to our Prioress with love. Mary is a gentle, dedicated sister who has endured the difficulty of bearing a painful conflict in the Church as our leader. With wisdom, dignity and compassion she has expressed the truth of who we are as a developing religious congregation.
    Her words gave me hope that in our trust in the work of the Holy Spirit and in genuine dialogue with each other we will grow in love for the good of the whole: the Church of which we are apart, for the world and for our earth. We have much to keep in our prayer together and in our personal
    meditation. Thank you for creating the opportunity to speak out.

  • Doloes Gartanutti,O.P.

    Mary. thank you for your faith filled response. Your gentleness and desire not to divide but to unite is awe inspiring. Our motto is Veritas, and the truth will prevail. We need to be united in our response to a world that is struggling and confused-I hope this confusion with Rome is cleared up soon—we have so much important issues to focus on.

  • Pauline Bornstein

    Thank you Sister Mary Hughes. Your desires to unite in faith gives me hope. Love wins!!!