• David

    This gentleman has some interesting things to say but I am puzzled by his mode of dress. He seems to wear a black jacket and a black T-shirt, which tends to make him appear as a “man of the cloth.” My quick search on the Internet does not indicate that he is any kind of ordained minister of any type. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If he was dressed like a police officer, and was advising me on a driving maneuver, I would not take him seriously. For me his mode of dress calls his words into question.

  • Mike

    His clothes are plain, casual style as many wear in all walks. In fact, the original idea of religious clothing was only to be plain and simple, as opposed to the colors and stripes of worldly power. How sad that David was so quick to identify religion in terms of clothing, and has judged the book only by the color of its cover, not by the content of what was said. Matthew 23:26