Valarie Kaur Extended Interview

“In more than 100 years of living and working in this country it was the first time the Sikh community entered national attention. It was the first time we stood in the national spotlight. It took a butchering for it to happen but it was a moment when the kind of love and support that was expressed was something that made Sikhs feel like they too were seen as fellow Americans.” Watch more of our interview with Valarie Kaur, a Sikh activist and founding director of Groundswell.

  • Cheryl Soehl

    It would be nice to be able to watch this video. Unfortunately, I can no longer watch these on my computer (MAC). No browser will allow it.

  • oyesalways

    Ms Kaur gives a very coherent and cohesive interview, touching on a number of issues about hate crime against Sikhs (much of which is targeted against them out of ignorance that they are not Muslims), and the desire for Sikhs to be able to serve in the US military with their turbans allowed as a uniform variation. There is so much ignorance in the USA about other cultures and religions; I can assume that the media don’t mention the Oak Creek attack very much any more because it’s off their scope now; they see it as unique to one small group of people, not of interest to their wider audience. But the point is that hate crime is hate crime, no matter who the victim is. Our society has too many people who foment racial and religious hatred, and that IS our broader concern. We need to be raising our children to be not just peaceable, but even peacemakers; not just prejudice-free, but celebrators of diversity. I am also a member of a small religious group not known to many Americans and sometimes misunderstood as Muslim or Jewish. Baha’is teach their children to love God, and to love His creation, including all His children, in all the wonderful colors, religions, creeds, and faiths they come in. But, there are still parents in America who teach prejudice, hatred, animosity. This is one of the major problems we need to deal with in our society, and the tragedy at Oak Creek should be one of our reminders of how far we have yet to go.

  • Tasneem khan

    So what happened to your sikh first name? Valarie is not a sikh name is it?