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Pakistan’s Christians, Implementing Obamacare

In the wake of last week’s bombing of an old Anglican church in predominantly Muslim Pakistan, we have a report from Karachi on increasing hostility toward Christians; and we go to Los Angeles to talk with people of faith and others on all sides of the debate over Obamacare as it nears implementation.

  • Brandy

    It is beyond me why Christians would want to live in a Muslim country, or a Hindu, Jewish, or Buddhist country. There was mention on today’s program about a
    Christian in prison for spreading his religion in a Muslim country. Why does he feel he has to go in and teach his faith? They have their own faith. Likewise, Israel should keep missionaries out of there. Leave people to their own faiths and let them live their own faiths in peace. The media talks about ”horrible” Islam demanding their religion be accepted by people. Christianity is no better.

  • Adbeel

    Why would some one want to live there? Let me take a guess, what about the fact that they were born there. I’m a Christian who was born in Pakistan so was my father and his father and his father, need I go on? Our family has been Christian for hundred of years. My family was lucky enough to have the resources to migrate to the U.S. but most of the Christians living in Pakistan don’t have that luxury. Christianity was in the Middle East and parts of Asia long before Islam was even conceived so spare me your uninformed nonsense about Christians going into other countries trying to spread their religion. I can bet you have no problem with Muslims propagating their religion in the west. Its because of ignorant westerners like you that the majorities in these countries perpetrate horrible crimes against the minorities with impunity. I bet you would be the first to speak up if a western country was doing even a tiny bit of what these other countries are doing just so you can prove how unbiased and original you are in your views. Look around you, you’re not that original. You’re in the company of thousands of other ignorant so called “forward thinkers.”