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Camden Priest, Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines

Father Michael Doyle and his ministry to the poor in Camden, New Jersey; and economist Antonio Meloto’s campaign to fight poverty in his country.

  • Jan Rose Kasmir

    Thank G!d for Father Michael Doyle and R&E Newsweekly for bringing this humanitarian effort to the attention of the viewing public. While stupidvision typically broadcasts the worst of humanity, this emerges as a ray of hope for the future. While it is true that tv mostly emembelishes the sharks who feed on the carcasses of the needy or survival of the stupid, this serves as a reminder that goodness is present AND NEEDS EVERYONES SUPPORT. THANK G!D FOR THIS PROGRAM AND FATHER DOLYLE! Shalom.

  • Donna Green

    Excellent Story. Born in North Camden 60+ years however haven’t lived there in more than 40 years. Would like to thank Father Doyle for bringing back the community as I once new it. Mother & Father worked for Campbell Soup Company for 40 years so I know Camden well.