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Nuns Versus Pipeline, Living Wages Factory

A 200-year-old order of Catholic nuns, the Sisters of Loretto, have successfully opposed construction of a gas pipeline in Kentucky; and American businessman Joe Bozich adheres to a sustainable corporate model that pays his garment workers fairly while staying competitive with apparel suppliers that use much cheaper labor.

  • Frances

    Wonderful of the Sisters to do advocacy for the environment and living wage. Sadly, it’s one of the reasons some people who disagree with their position try to discredit them as “socialists” or worse. Everyone has a right to disagree, but it can be done honestly and with civility. Arguments against any position, should be able to stand on their own merits without mean spirited attacks. Thank you Sisters for your decency in advocating for your causes with clarity and civility.
    Frances K..

  • Susan

    I look at the nuns and their ages. How much longer will there be any alive to live here and do their work?