Converting the Masai


LUCKY SEVERSON: Early morning in a remote part of Tanzania at the foot of Ol Doinyo Lengai, known to the Masai as the Mountain of God, the center of their universe. When it spews lava, the Masai think God is angry. The last angry eruption was in 2007. Legend has it that centuries ago, God dropped cows from the sky as a gift to the Masai and now all the cows on earth belong to them.

Christian missionaries have proselytized the Masai for over 150 years with little success. But within the last decade, the tribe started converting. Now as many as a quarter of the Masai have become Christians.

GARY WOODS: Through this area we’ve had 700 new Christians in the last two years.

SEVERSON: Gary Woods has been preaching in the bush for 25 years.

WOODS: When we first came into this community the witch doctors were very strong here and they cursed the church to die. And now today the witch doctors are seeing that they, they were defeated.

SEVERSON: In the small villages, or Bomas, that speckle the countryside, it’s as if time has stood in place, although these traditionally nomadic people are no longer quite as leery of outsiders.

WOODS: I remember one day when I first came here I heard two ladies talking and they said, is it an animal or what is it. Look at, he has hair on his arms. They were trying to figure out what I was cause they’d never seen a white man before.

SEVERSON: Woods is missionary with a U.S. based non-denominational organization called Christian Missionary Fellowship, or CMF. They call what they do “planting churches.”

WOODS: We empower national Masai to do the ministry. I didn’t start any of these churches. I’m not the leader of any of these churches. But we’ve trained these people so that they could move out and do it. When a Masai comes into a community it doesn’t quite, it doesn’t cause a stir, like when I come. When I come everybody is oh, the White man’s here. But when they come they know the culture, the language, and it’s easier to integrate into the community.

SEVERSON: (speaking to Joseph Nekenia Ngida) This is one of your churches Joseph?


SEVERSON: This is Joseph, one of CMF’s planted pastors. He says his church is budding.

PASTOR JOSEPH: We started with 3 people.

SEVERSON: How long ago?

PASTOR JOSEPH: One year ago.

SEVERSON: And now you have 58?



SEVERSON: Before he converted, Joseph, like all young Masai men, served a period of time as a hunter-warrior for the tribe.

(speaking to Ngida): Did you ever kill a lion?

PASTOR JOSEPH: No, I kill a leopard.

SEVERSON: A leopard with a spear?

PASTOR JOSEPH: With a spear. Yeah.

SEVERSON: Oh, that must have been very scary.

SEVERSON: Until a new tiny school can be built, the classroom for these young orphans of mother’s with AIDS is under an acacia tree. Pastor Joseph said he would rather have the church take care of them than put them in a state orphanage, of which there are many.

(speaking to Pastor Joseph): So you have two missions here. One mission is to help people learn to live better? Another mission is to convert people to Christianity? Is one more important than the other?

PASTOR JOSEPH: No. We normally say it is holistic, so if you treat one side and leave another side, it is like dividing your body, so it is holistic.

SEVERSON: Which means CMF’s planted churches also help with more temporal challenges, like building schools, water systems, clinics, roads…

WOODS: We want to make the people have a better lifestyle but we want them to know Jesus Christ because there’s a life after this one.

SEVERSON: Converting to Christianity Is a big step for a traditional Masai, one that can have significant and painful consequences. Jacob Loserian is a Masai and a convert.

JACOB LOSERIAN: You lose friends. You lose friends. Completely you lose your friends. You will not companion with them, they will not come to your house because you already get cursed.

SEVERSON: Jacob says what convinces and converts Masai is the promise of something better.

LOSERIAN: The people become Christian because they think to be Christian you will be a good person, you know. If you were a thief you will not steal anymore. If you were a killer, you will not kill anymore, because the church will be only teach good things.

SEVERSON: The good things may have more to do with culture than religion. Traditionally the Masai eat meat almost exclusively. Vegetables are not part of their diet. Among Christian Masai that’s no longer true

WOODS: They have a proverb that says that God would be angry with you if you scratch the earth or, you know, did some digging. We can see right here, these people have broken that proverb and they planted and now they’re taking care of themselves, able to feed themselves.

SEVERSON: These young are men attired and painted this way because they were recently circumcised. In the Masai culture, girls also must go through the painful process. But now, among the Christians, this no longer happens. Those who have benefited the most may be women.

WOODS: Masai culture, the women are just a possession. It’s something that they own like their donkeys or sheep, their goats, cattle. And I asked a man why, how many donkey he had and he said he didn’t have donkeys, ’cause he had five wives.

SEVERSON: Critics argue that bringing the white man’s civilization to indigenous people isn’t always a good idea. Woods says he’s seen changes that can only be good. Girls are now going to school, husbands now know it’s wrong to beat their wives. Health care is better.

WOODS: They begin to treat their families different. We see husbands playing with their children. We see families caring about each other in a way they never did before.

SEVERSON: These are people who worship a volcano, live in constant fear of evil spirits, throw milk at the sky to thank the spirit God, make animal sacrifices at the base of a fig tree.

LOSERIAN: The Masai people are afraid especially for the owl. When the owl come, you know, fly, flying up on the house, then start make the sound, then the Masai, they are afraid, especially when they have a sick person, then they’ll be afraid that maybe this person is going to die.

SEVERSON: And when a person does die…

WOODS: What they traditionally did with dead bodies is they wrap them up in a sheet like that. The put them out in the bush here for the hyenas. The hyenas eat everything.

SEVERSON: To call the ruts we were on roads is an gross exaggeration. And the further into the bush we went, the worse they got.

We were invited to a Masai village for a goat barbeque which is a special privilege for outsiders. But the road is so washed out and after hours of digging, we just can’t make it. So we’re going to have to turn around for the long, rutty, bumpy ride home.

But then, with the help of some Masai warriors, we were on our way again.

The village chief here, James, is the only one in the village to live in a cement house. He’s an important man, and a converted Christian.

WOODS: You don’t drink this everyday, but when a man goes on a safari, when he comes home, his wife will have sour milk for him to drink. So now we get some special treat here.

SEVERSON: Becoming a Christian was particularly difficult for James who’s father is a witch doctor, a practice James now believes comes through the devil.

JAMES: The witch doctor uses roots of many kinds of trees to bewitch people. There is a very big difference. Because a miracle from God is through prayer.

SEVERSON: At the barbeque the women stood by and watched as the men ate the goat, and James talked about being a Christian and how painful it’s been to be cut off from his family and friends. Most no longer attend his barbeques. Still he insists he’ll remain a Christian because, he says he now knows where to get his prayers answered, and it’s not a volcano.

For Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, I’m Lucky Severson in the Tanzanian bush.

  • Channah

    As I do not believe that Jesus was G-d, or the son of G-d (why I left Christianity) , I feel these missionaries are imposing upon a people to have their own culture, faith, and ways. Why change a good people with a false message? Why ruin their culture and beliefs?

  • Channah

    Missionaries go into so many places and ruin the cultures, faiths, and ways of living of the people. Why can’t they let people live in peace? Why do they have to disturb these people? The Masai are a good and great people. I have no respect for anyone who would go in and do this to them. Does it matter how people worship and accept a Higher Being? This is one of the reasons I left Christianity. They cannot live and let live. G-d is G-d, and there are many doors to Him—-no matter how a people go about it.

  • Dru

    “…and it’s not a volcano.” You negate their belief as if you are a righteous man. I will never watch this program ever again.

  • laura johnson

    Your story about the Masai seemed prejudicial, condescending and patronizing. Who is to say who is “primitive” and who is not?
    They are entitled to their beliefs not matter whether you understand them or agree with them. Those who have become Christians are also entitled to their beliefs. Why should those who believe in traditional beliefs which are probably thousands of years old be judged from a European standard or judged at all?
    Why are African religions looked down upon and just seen as superstitions while European, Asian & Middle Eastern religions are seen as legitimate?

  • Tom Hanks (not the actor)

    Thank you for this segment. So often, Christian Missionaries are portrayed as “culture destroyers” in the media. Here, the negatives of the Masai’s “old” culture were frankly portrayed, so that we can all draw objective conclusions.

  • Gary Woods

    Sorry that some of you did not enjoy the video. There are many who have enjoyed. No one is forcing Maasai to become Christians, and we don’t look down on those who remain ATR ( African Traditional Religion). We speak the Maasai language and understand their culture. They are the ones searching for something more, and many have found what they are looking for in Christianity. We empower them to plant their own church. It is not western, but African. It is not initiated by us, or maintained by us. This is Maasai speaking to Maasai about their faith. Many Laibon (Traditional religious leaders), have admitted that they were misleading the Maasai, and themselves have become Christians.

    Having lived with the Maasai for many years, I love the Maasai life and traditions and language. Jesus just enhances their life. I’m sorry for those who have only seen Christian Religion, and not really seen real faith in Jesus. I’m against religion, and only desire a relationship that is available through Jesus.

  • Kathy Cotton

    How can it be bad if Christianity is bringing about changes that make it so women are no longer seen as property. As a christian I do not walk away from my culture. I do not believe these people do either. I believe these remarks made are from people who have never been to Africa and met the people. I have. I have met a tribe of women in Uganda who have converted to Christianity but still live their traditional lifestyle. They see their life enhanced by God not a loss of anything. African churches are not westernized at all. Their culture is totally present. Christianity is not just for the western world. I personally know Gary and know how much he respects the African Culture.

  • Rebecca Robison

    I think that it is amazing what is happening in this program. I feel that Gary is doing an amazing job of giving the Maasai another option of how to live, he’s not forcing his beliefs on anyone. I love hearing updates of what is happening over there. Thank you PBS for letting us see what is happening and how people’s lives are changing for the better.

  • Scott

    I feel these missionaries are doing a great thing!! No one makes you become a Christian, it is a personal choice. The story was awsome and the missionaies are saving lives!

  • Megan Masaki

    Thank you Gary for sharing such a heart warming story of grace and love through genuine friendship of the Maasai people. It is so wonderful that they are learning about God’s love for themselves and seeing how it is changing their communities for the better, predominantly the way they change their attitudes towards women and female circumcision which regardless of personal faiths, most people would agree it is barbaric and unnecessary practice. Thank you for the many years over 20 you have selfessly given to building genuine relationships and friendships with them, learning the lanfuage of Maasai so you can communicate well with them as well as showing them Jesus’ love for them in the process. It is through our actions rather then words that will change lives and show them how valued they are. As they witness your loving example of Jesus they will natyrally ask wuestions and want to hear Bible stories that will impact them as what is being shared is the truth and the truth shall set them free! Those who do.not believe and have not discovered Jesus love for themselves cannot understand and are still in darkness…yet we still love them and accept them for who they are regardless. Thank you again for such wonderful testimonies and may God continue the good works through you out in Tanzania. God bless :-)

  • Julia

    I think its very encouraging that these missionaries are giving Maasai the opportunity to present the gospel to their own people in a way that is culturally relevant to them. They are not forced to give up traditional ways of living or made to wear western clothes in exchange for the Word of God. I know that missionaries have been given a bad rap in these sorts of situations as the methodologies historically used for presenting the Gospel have often required indigenous peoples to give up their traditional ways completely. This is not the case here! Gary and his colleagues are very loving and respectful in their work with these people.

  • Doug Harvey

    Some of the responses here imply that all paths are equally valid paths to God, and all cultures are equally benign and should be left alone. Many of my ancestors were Norse. They worshipped warrior gods and believed killing, raping and pillaging others pleased their gods. I am grateful for Christian missionaries who brought a message that changed that brutal culture. The Maasai Christians I’ve met are similarly grateful for a faith that frees them from the oppression and fear that characterize their traditional faith, while allowing them to maintain the positive things of Maasai culture. I suspect that most of those who criticize Christian faith for the cultural changes it brings would applaud the Maasai Christians for lifting the status of women out of the virtual slavery of the traditional Maasai culture. Or would you argue that the old oppression is “their way,” and as valid as any other way, and should not be challenged?

  • David

    Thank you for the segment. I appreciate the missionaries cultural sensitivity and their desire to be holistic – serving in a way that enables the Maasai to live better in all aspects of life. It seems that the myth of the “noble savage” still exists. There are many things in Maasai culture that are very honorable while at the same time, as in any culture, there are many things that are oppressive. While it is considered to be condescending to think their life needs to be changed (and in the case of Christian Mission- changed by the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ), it is just as condescending to judge that their lives are fine just as they are and the people are perfectly happy living in poverty, in fear of being cursed by the witch doctor, views of women that are oppressive and a host of other things. None are being forced to follow Christ- but to see the change in those that do is proof enough that a Maasai culture transformed by the presence of the redeeming God is a better place to be.

  • Sue H.

    Thank you for this segment. I really enjoyed it. I am thankful for people like Gary Woods, who goes places where I cannot go to teach wholistic family values and bring about healthier living both physically and spiritually. I felt the program showed that Gary respected the Maasai culture. I, too, believe that real faith is a personal relationship with Jesus, not a religion. I thought that the program showed that the Maasai are allowed to freely choose. I would to see more programming like this. Thank you.

  • jacob loserian mollel

    My self iam the maasai became christian since young,being a christian will not stop you doing good things in your culture e.g my self I went through the traditional ways of life look after the domestic animals in the bush,i attended the meat camp OLPUL its were the maasai men eat meat and drink a lot of the local medicine made out of the back and roots of the trees for few weeks or month,Initiation and many more.Thanks to TRENT HARRIS and SEVERSON who made all of this filM happen.

  • Susan

    I personally know Gary and Judy Woods, and I can tell you that they are true chrisian people and have a true passion for God and his people, and they are where God intendend them to be when he chose them. I also believe that with Gods help, they are doing incrediable work among the Massai, and it is all for Gods glory and honor… I truly enjoyed this PBS program, and wish there were more of them. Thank you for airing it. And my prayers and love go out to not only Gary and Judy, but also to the Maasi who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior, and to the ones who have not made that decision yet. God Bless.

  • Rachel Knight

    It is so heartening to hear of the genuine care that Gary and that Maasai have for one another and that it is a joint venture between these people from different sides of the world. it is wonderful to hear of the changes that are being wrought through the preaching of the true gospel that is making these people free from the fear and dangerous customs (like FGM and not eating vegetables) and bringing them into a life which they confess to be greater and more wonderful than what they had before.
    Those who criticise need to look at the testimonies of the Maasai people – they are happier, their lives are better, they care for their wives and children – all because of the work of God in their lives.
    Thank you Gary for all you are doing for these people.

  • Gary Sampson

    I think members of every religion have a right to promote their beliefs, and everyone listening is free to choose if they accept it or not. Its a free world with free speech. So I don’t buy the idea that a Christian can’t promote his beliefs among different cultures. And I must say, if some of the changes in lifestyle as mentioned above are happening, I think it will be good for the Maasai … I speak as someone who has lived all his life in Africa, and the last 15 years in Kenya.

  • Frank L.

    Thanks for the segment on Maasai conversions and church growth in Maasailand. Though I have not been in Tanzania, I made a trip to Maasai Mara on the Kenyan side of the border, and saw the similar work being done by CMF among the Maasai. The wholistic approach is great! The empowerment of people to improve their lives in culturally sensitive ways is wonderful. For those who advocate leaving them alone and unchanged–too late. I’ll never forget watching Maasai herding their cattle beneath a mountain ridge with cell phone towers on it, or talking to a Maasai man in traditional garb when his cell phone went off and he pulled it out of his robes to answer the call! This in the “bush.” (I wondered where he went to change it. The village I was visiting had no electricity or water or sewage.) This not to say that most or all Maasai have cell phones. They don’t. But it is not a static unchanging culture. No culture on earth is.

  • Deb

    The work that Judy and Gary Woods have done goes far beyond bringing Christ to the Maasai peoples. They have brought care and concern, education, farming abilities, clean fresh water…so many things. They did not bring our culture to force on them, but accepted the peoples for who they are. The Maasai saw in them something that they wanted for themselves and asked so the missionarie shared. It is as simple as that. Blessings to you Gary & Judy and also thanks PBS for sharing their story with us.l

  • Lynn

    Enjoyed the video! Enjoyed sharing it with my children to enrich their school time in world cultures. We got a nice smile that the Masai warriors helped get the vehicle unstuck. It was kind of them to help. It is just nice to see videos of people helping other people. Thank you Gary Woods for making a positive difference in the lives of many women and children and men, and in all aspects of their lives. recommending this video to my some of my teaching colleagues for back to school.

  • Linda C

    Thank you PBS for sharing this story. It was very refreshing to see FIRST hand how one person can make a difference in another person’s life, who can share with another person, and so on, and so on and continue making a difference in the world. Not just in their Spiritual life but in their quality of life… Thank you Gary and Judy for loving the Maasi enough to do this for so many years. PBS, thank you for having the insight to share this story with the world and not being afraid of “offending” someone.

  • Greg

    Great video presentation. There is an old syaing “The BEST often looses out to the GOOD”. That is so true in regards to Christianity. If there is an afterlife and If Christ (who like it or not) has radically changed our world then it far exceeds anything we will experience in this lifetime on earth. Not to offer that to others would be cruel and selfish. Offering that to the Masai while being very sentiitve to their culther is exactly what the Woods are doing.
    If they were teaching evolution I dare think most people would riase a question about their motives or sensitivities. It is the name of Christ that brings division. It is also at the name of Christ that someday (again like it or not) EVERY knere will and confess..

  • Diane

    What a great video! Just like it takes special people with special gifts to be good teachers and good doctors, it takes special people to be missionaries. It is great to see a glimpse in their lives and the good things they are doing. They are not only helping the Maasai have a better life on earth, but an outstanding life for all eternity with Jesus Christ. No matter where you live, Africa or the United States of America, we all need guidance to a better life as none of us are perfect. God made each of us with a free will. It is our choice as to which path we follow. I choose Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was great to hear from the Maasai themselves as to how their lives have changed for the better. Thanks for such a great presentation.

  • Paul F

    Thanks for the nice insight about how the work of CMF is being received among the Masai.

  • Reva Henry

    I hope as I write these words you can feel the sadness I felt as I watched the story that was done on the Masai. As Mr. Woods talked about how he convinced members of the tribe they were wrong in worshiping a volcano as a god. That christianity is the only religion they should practiced. All I could hear is another culture being destroy. The only good thing that Mr. Wood did was he got the Masai to stop circumciseing the girls and beating the women. Why did Mr. Wood take away their identity. Thank you for taking the time to read this note.

  • Dan

    How many of us automatically thought the title “Converting the Maasai”, meant conversion TO something, and in this case to Christianity? Probably a lot of us. But perhaps it would help to also look at what they were converted FROM: arranged marriages, female circumcision, sharing of spouses among agemates, curses and fear, drunkenness, and others. There’s a lot more freedom in leaving those things behind, and most of us would support people choosing freedom. This work of CMF and Mr Woods is to be applauded. Jesus is very real to the Maasai, and their changes in lifestyle are demonstrating that.

  • JDE

    Obviously, the empowerment of women is a positive thing, and if they are getting these people to stop the abominable practice of female genital mutilation, more power to them. On the other hand, I find this disingenuous:

    @Gary Woods: “No one is forcing Maasai to become Christians, and we don’t look down on those who remain ATR ( African Traditional Religion).”

    Pastor Woods, are you saying you DON’T believe the Masai who continue to practice their ancient religion are going to hell?

  • David L

    This story saddens me as a Christian. Lucky Severson fails to interview a single non-converted Masai in his interviews. He presents a traditional colonial interpretation of a native religion as a superstition. Although a Christian, it is my very Christianity which demands to get the other side of the story. This report is in my view a serious blot on Mr. Severson and on Religion and Newsweekly in general. You have an obligation to present a better view of native minority religions.

  • Lemayian

    I live and work among the Maasai (“Lemayian” is the Maasai name they’ve given me), and I have met Gary Woods. This interview is well-done and informative. Two thumbs up for PBS on this one.

    Some have commented that they see this as “another culture being destroyed.” Fact check: again and again, christian missionaries HELP local cultures, PROMOTE local cultural literacy and arts, ASSIST members of minority cultures to find fulfillment within their culture. Typically it is non-christian and/or anti-christian outsiders — including capitalists, NGO development schemes, and the like — who actually invade and destroy cultures. (Of course not all representatives of those groups do so — nor, for that matter, is the missionary record without flaw.) Very often the christian missionaries are the only outside voices raised in protest of the mistreatment of such minorities. History again and again shows that christian missions has directly led to cultural renaissances (even, and sometimes especially, among those members of the culture who do NOT choose to follow Jesus). Only ignorance or anti-christian bias can claim otherwise.

    Some claim that people like “Mr. Wood” are taking away the identity of the Maasai, except when it comes to female circumcision and the like. In point of fact, the Maasai (or the French or the Americans) can potentially FIND their cultural identity within the context of an indigenous church. And insofar as missionaries are “taking away the identity,” they are doing so precisely in the one way which the “missionaries are bad” camp accepts: discouraging female circumcision, wife beating, widow burning (aka “sati” or “suttee”), etc., all of which are (or were) considered to be crucial, elemental, foundational parts of the culture in question.

    Bravo! for Gary Woods and those like him who care more about oppressed minorities than themselves. And bravo! for PBS for having the willingness to report on this sort of story and the integrity to do so in an unbiased fashion.

  • JDE

    @Leamyian: Yet I notice you were very careful to avoid addressing the question I asked Pastor Woods – Do you believe the Masai who continue to practice their ancient religion are going to hell?

  • olekunyuga

    here we go again….
    right when some of us are finally getting rid of
    a century of colonialization of the mind.
    and then they start again?
    Somebody shoot me please!

    Freethinkers initiative of Kenya

  • claire

    Terrible to read all this. How colonial,
    What a lack of respect, lack of interest. absence of empathy.
    The Masaii Culture is such a rich and interesting culture ! We could learn so much from them.
    I could not believe my eyes. Christianity destroyed so many cultures allready.


    Ithanks my Lord Jesus christ to see this best movement of changing my masai fellows i,also like to join to this movent please help me.

  • Robert Munyui Kamunyu


    When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he
    circumcised all the male children and he was

    circumcised. The message was direct and in FGM plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The

    agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily

    his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life.

    When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise their

    girls, the message was given in a spiritual language and bore two warnings. The

    Israelis parent shall not sexually mutilate their daughters and fathers were

    commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of their daughters making them


    . Girls who face the evil cut
    become prostitutes on alter of Satan

    which pollutes the land. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead.

    Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed by

    marriage. She bought her prostitution with her flesh, bone and blood on alter

    Satan while still In her flower age under her parental care. Unless she gets

    saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her.John3:16-18, Isaiah1:18)

    she shall go to her grave a prostitute. Thus there were no sexual mutilations

    among the Israelis women. The Girl child was bought up in divine order leaving

    the petals and stay of love intact for a beloved wise husband core co-benefits.

    She remained a spring shut up and a blessed fountain sealed in divine state.

    Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19.

    By instinct mans’ hand lands at the garden

    of love and joy to prop it up at Divine state. The Israelis brethren

    never married from alters of Satan. Israelis women remained lively and

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    That knowledge on the difference between a circumcised woman and a woman who

    had not faced the evil cut was exploited by the Hebrew Midwives, Shiphrah and

    Puah as their reason for saving the men children alive contrary to the King of

    Egypt instructions for their ultimate death at birth for they were easily
    delivered. Pharaoh was aware

    that the Egyptians women went through Pharaonic circumcision or infibulations

    and the difficulties they faced in delivering children were known to him thus

    he agreed with the midwives’ answer. God has promised our beloved sisters save

    child delivery. 1Timothy 2: 15 .Girls who had the evil cut cannot pass the

    threshold of Divine virginity since they sacrificed their fresh, soft bones and
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    world. Their virginity in marriage is according to satanic standards since they

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    In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the

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    It is awkward that laws are enacted to

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    in fgm and after fgm. Instead

    of her finding parental love and care, she

    is ushered into brutality against her very womanhood. FGM has been used

    as a disciplined measure against women by sexually crippling them against
    perceived climes they have never committed. If FGM

    install holiness in women as paramount foundation for a holy life before

    marriage and in marriage, then there would never be divorce in marriages where

    women have undergone FGM. This notion stipulate the mutilated sex organ of a

    woman as center of holiness and un institution of worship since in it mutilated

    state chastity can be delivered. It

    would mean men loosing self holiness in

    God and having secondary holiness in God received from mutilated sex organ of a

    woman there by making the sex of a woman a centre of worship. This is demonic

    way of thinking and practice in life. FGM has zero benefit for a man and
    a woman. FGM suppresses a woman libido
    which can never be regained in marriage
    .She is not adventurous in sexual relationship and the man takes the marriage
    supper under set rules to hind her shortcoming in love. It makes a woman a land
    without fence and a well without a cover. It is a barbaric culture imposed on
    womanhood by parents and the society at large .Song of Solomon 4:12

    It is evident FGM put God at faults for

    providing a girl child with an active sexual organ. They view the active
    sexual organ of

    a girl child in its Divine active state as evil and a source of
    immorality. Redemption and salvation for

    themselves is crafted by sexually crippling the girl child in FGM whereby they

    sacrifice the girl child sexual organ to Satan in the name of
    morality for God.

    Leviticus 19:28-29. By uplifting the sexual organ of a girl child as pillar of

    morality in defiled mutilated state shift the blame game to the sexual organ of

    a girl child as a source of immorality in a community hence all brutalities

    direct against the girl child in all forms of FGM. The blame game is directed

    against God for providing her with un active sexual organ thus they chop her
    sexual organ to their taste to make her a sexual mute. She live with stolen
    womanhood the lest of her lifetime.

    This defeat any sense of humanity in them. It is cruelty on a girl child at

    alter of family and community social holiness from demonic world. FGM was

    authored in Egypt by Pharaoh as Satanic sacrifice to increase pain and wailing
    in child birth as a Satanic

    sacrifice. The fleshy sexual coals are

    excavated leaving her frigid and rocky thus denying her for live time Divine

    marital gift which she requires in

    marriage for a lively marital relationship with her husband. How stupid a man

    may be, by instinct a man will falter in search of the fleshy coals

    removed in FMG thus leaving him at moral loose for unfulfilled marital

    achievement .. The fleshy coals are provided for marriage. 1Corithians7: 9. The

    fleshy coals helps a woman in marriage to lock in emotionally with her husband

    in marital relationship

    It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to

    their daughters to FGM at demonic alter of cultures for community social

    acceptance. How would parents commit their daughters to FGM so us someone

    can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone

    say it was done in honor of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy

    exist? How will ever be compensated girls forced to FGM after abandoning the

    evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated sex

    organs remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to God Almighty. Many parents

    are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of

    Godly worship. Even from time of old women can perform all types of
    evils counting on their husbands’ support. Israelis women in
    the Bible told Jeremiah the Prophet that the sacrifices they offered they did
    so with the support and knowledge of their husbands. Jeremiah
    44:19 Even today women who force their
    daughters have FGM count on their husbands full support. They confirm their
    husbands are part of Satanic sacrifice performed on their daughters in FGM when
    they disregard Godly advice and truth concerning fgm. It is the time parental
    love and care are nonexistent as the girl child is raised on alter of Satan for fgm for demonic morality
    chastity with full parental honor and the pleas by young girls for justice fall to deaf ears.

    . Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of

    demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms of parents and the

    community at large. It all boils down to communities social rottenness. The

    fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they fail terribly to test of

    faith in God.

    GOD is not a respecter of persons and you cannot

    modify evils committed by parents to less evils to look good. No form of FGM is

    acceptable . To think you can subject girls to less invasive form of FGM is

    spiritually not acceptable . Where Men

    circumcision involves removal of a fold of the fore skin .FGM involves massive
    dense muscles with high concentration

    of sensitive net work of nerves and soft

    bone removal. Her bone is left in the air to dry like wood. This is not
    circumcision. It is Sexual excavation. Circumcision involves cutting round a
    fore skin in man. Which man would ever leave cut part of his bone to dry in the
    air like dead wood? After FGM there are no bows left for man to hold. Song of Solomon 7:8 .NO blood should be spilt in FGM. Leviticus
    1928-29. God purposed

    a woman to enjoy sex in marriage. No Human being should play a God to her life.

    Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Sexual joy is Divine given to her and parents have non

    wrights in sexually crippling her in

    FGM. Do not give parents soft landing ground in their evils adventures by
    making them

    acceptable social criminals.

    FGM is a faith moral issue based on culture. It is the deadly
    beastly yoke of Satan on womanhood.
    Satan activities have camouflaged themselves as Godly believers among
    believers telling them they assist them in holiness in FGM. In FGM, the satanic
    world is glorified. If we have to stop
    FGM it cannot be based only on negative side effects inherited by FGM. Since it
    is a faith issue

    one can decide to live bearing all sufferings that come with FGM. It is known

    even clinically trained personnel perform FGM with full background firsthand
    knowledge of all

    sufferings associated with FGM. They are

    well paid by those who thirst to satisfy

    they cultural based faith attachment in FGM even contrary to moral standards

    of Godly believers. When FGM is involved

    ,God is of secondary important to them. It is the time Satan is Supreme in
    their lives when all

    demonic forces raise against the girl child. The clergy have more work to do in

    preaching having to bring parents and young men on board to the full knowledge

    of the Word of God. Young men know God

    told Moses in Spiritual language that FGM is a Satanic sacrifice for non

    believers hidden and preserved in parenthood for acceptance. Leviticus
    19:28-29. Young men if you are presented with a

    virgin sexually mutilated and a virgin who has her divine splendor of her sex

    organ intact, who would you choose a wife having stood the test of faith in

    Godly manner? The clergy cannot live

    as though no Satanic sacrifices are performed on the girl child in FGM. Young

    men have reality faith in Godly

    that you share a wife with Satan in FGM.

    You cannot serve God and demons together. The choose is in your heart. Choose


    In Church of Christ, let fathers not exercise the terror of silence and stand

    for the divine wrights of their daughters. Parents owe their sons in laws

    lifetime gratitude for agreeing to marry their daughters whom they sexually

    assaulted and sexually crippled. God has never asked parents to sexually

    cripple their daughters so as to remain virgins and holly. Is holiness attained

    by sexually crippling a girl child acceptable to God’s purposes for her live

    destiny entity? No. There is holiness that pertains to children of God.

    The sex organ of a girl child cannot be manipulated through sexual mutilations

    as a gate way for man to heaven. Parents owe their daughters a life time

    apology for their inhuman acts which robbed them their divine marital gifts.

    Parents who force their daughters to undergo FGM exercise the most Dignified

    Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on the girl

    child with man child at the receiving end as beneficially.FGM remain the most horrible evil coveted by some
    parents with full support of
    grandparents and aunts. Proverbs14:1-2. A foolish woman destroys

    her own house with her own hands. Let parents face the truth and know they have
    evil thoughts against their girl child in FGM and they are terribly wrong . In
    FGM, parents are a curse to a

    nation. It is hypocritical for parents in Church of Christ to spend their

    twilight years as loving caring parents having soiled their hands with the

    blood and flesh of their daughters in FGM in demonic sacrifice. Some men force

    their daughters to undergo FGM under their mothers’ pressure forgetting there

    are no curses for those in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb

    26:1-2. It is quite evident parents are
    under cultural moral slavery siege

    and ready to sacrifice their daughters to FGM at alter of demonic

    cultures for community social acceptance.

    Can man kneel before

    God and support FGM. It is awkward to hear men say what is good for a

    woman and not say what God say is good for a woman and him. It seems some

    men want to craft a way of life for themselves in name of God. When God told

    Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in

    honor of the dead or have sex with them, He did not leave any form of FGM

    for a girl child. To suggest there can be mild form of FGM is not acceptable

    before God. Leviticus 19:28-29. Once the blood of a girl child is shed in FGM

    the land is polluted and becomes full of all evils. If men have no respect for

    the complex delicate sex organ which
    deliver them to the world, how will they have mercy

    for one another even where they have common faith? When the earth is fully

    polluted in FGM, at a point in

    life ,men turn the country a slaughter house for one another and the

    communities at large.

    How would parents commit

    their daughters to FGM so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it

    their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honor of religion

    where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How will ever be girls

    compensated who are forced to FGM in their flower age after abandoning

    the evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated

    injured girls remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to Almighty God. Many

    parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in

    institutions of Godly worship. Who will pull out parents stuck in the

    wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms

    of parents and the community at large. It all boils down to communities social

    rottenness. The battle fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they

    fail terribly to test of faith in God. Can parents be so cruel and evil minded
    to perform FGM in name of morality in GOD? We need fathers who can stand for

    God with their families when the lest rebel against God. Joshua 24:14-15

    The greatest force behind FGM are fathers and young men. It is heart

    breaking to hear women say if it were not of demands by fathers and young

    men behind the sin they will not do it. In FGM parents break the spiritual and
    physical integrity well being of their
    daughters. It is all known some men dare not speak against FGM for it propel

    them to political powers. The parents and the whole family votes are dear to

    them centered on championing FGM us cultural heritage. Their political powers

    are fueled by blood and flesh of young girls thus weakening laws passed to ban

    FGM. The young girls fate hang out of balance since she cannot count on rescue

    even from her dear brothers. Her fate is sealed by those who thirst for her

    flesh and blood for the injustice of the beloved parents is awful cruel. It is
    the time a father turns a cold shoulder
    to his girl child and commit her to
    Satan in fgm. The girl child lives with unresolved burning
    self reserved resentments against her
    parents but all they see is well to
    their eyes. The dark embarrassing day of FGM remains vivid to her mind.

    Parents pride themselves in FGM since they receive their communities social

    recognitions and acceptance at a price of permanently sexually deforming

    their girls in FGM which they can view in a mirror. Parents are in Sodom of
    their own even in places of

    worship. Laws to ban FGM may not eliminate FGM since it can be done clinically

    at home. Parents require deliverance of their souls and spirits to God.

    In their liberated hearts their will not suffer any loose for abandoning FGM

    for their trust in God is paramount. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis

    fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in honor of the dead or

    have sex with them making them prostitutes. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is a

    Satanic sacrifice involving blood, soft bone and flesh and parents are more
    bonded to

    demonic world by sacrificing their girl child in FGM .Let all Children of

    Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in

    God bless you all united against this demonic cultural practice called FGM. It
    is the time the promises in fgm die out and the
    demonic world open its gates wide for the girl child and closes its gates behind her back as she leaves the alter
    of Satan empty handed for the lest of life time.

    In Church of Christ, men should stop counting their up hold to

    spiritual holiness in reverence to a defiled sexually mutilated sex organ of a

    woman. Some men say when women are sexually crippled, men and women remain

    faithful but to who? Which men are sexually crippled for women to remain holy?

    Is the sexual organ of a woman an institution of worship for men? GOD IS HOLLY.

    Men shouldn’t have defiled faith in God based on crippled sexual organ of a

    woman. Men should love God with a pure heart. The sexual organ of a woman is

    not a stay to a man’s faith in his God. Should a man share a wife with the

    devil? FGM is ill tagged as a benefit to man child by those who

    perpetuate this demonic sacrifice. Men who view their holiness in God through
    the mutilated sexual organ of a woman put their faith in God demonic practices.
    FGM is Satanic sacrifice imposed on womanhood by men behind the sin. Culturally women who had gone FGM as they

    passed child bearing age and hung up the ploughs, the old man would marry

    another young woman who had gone FGM referred to us the wife of his old age

    with desires to have children. No eyes blow were raised against the wife by the

    other wives since they understood their frigid
    sexual rocky morbid state. They were not a joy to have as wives in
    their old age . Love to

    them was like surgery awake and they acknowledged the sexually active
    state of their husband. It was a time their husband was like a sexual beast to
    them. They sexually off loaded themselves through their husband’s young wife
    of his old aged thus shifting the burden of the curse to the young

    If a man has to be circumcised in the Church of Christ, he

    should join our sisters in spiritual circumcision for all that is salvation.

    Colossians 2: 8-12. Roman2:28-29. Can a wise man pride himself before God

    counting the benefits of marrying a prostitute? In Church of Christ, only

    uncultured men in Godly practices, uncouth, no witty and demonic sadist will

    applaud sexual mutilation of young girls.

    Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the perennial curse for the girl child and the

    land. The land is polluted and all evils come to the nation.FGM defeat any

    Godly purpose for it . Can any clergy support FGM? Only

    those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support FGM. FGM exercise the
    most Dignified Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on womanhood which is the deadly yoke of Satan hidden in
    parenthood for demonic chastity acceptance.

    Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD .When

    faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be

    circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he

    God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no
    women circumcision with God. It was a clear

    instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God’s instructions to the letter.

    17: 1-27.

    Parents’ only way out of this

    demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by

    asking for unreserved forgiveness and get saved. Love covers multitudes of sins and weakness .
    Jehovah God break the yoke of Satan at family pillars. GOD OUTLAWED FGM WHICH

    message is freely given

    purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.

    By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu.