Blessing the AIDS Quilt

While the 19th international AIDS conference meets this week in Washington, the National Cathedral is hosting several panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The Right Rev. Jane Holmes Dixon, retired bishop of Washington pro tempore, also blessed a panel from the quilt that arrived from St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa, where it had been blessed on its departure for the US by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ebrahim Rasool, South African ambassador to the US, Julie Rhoad, executive director of the NAMES Project Foundation, and the Rev. Gina Campbell, Cathedral director of worship, were also present at the blessing ceremony. Interview by Julie Mashack. Produced by Patti Jette Hanley. Edited by Fred Yi.


  • John Z Wetmore

    Here is a video of the Quilt the last time it was on the National Mall on October 12, 1996:

  • denise e. allen

    My name is Mrs. Denise E. Allen and I am writing about an The 911 African American Folkart Story Quilt that was made in 2001 in honor and memory of my son Richard L. Allen who was tragically killed on that fateful day. The story quilt was commissioned by The Savannah College Of Art and Design in Savannah GA. The Quilt is to some quite controversial and also graphic as to how some of the people lost their lives that fateful day. The theme behind the piece has a Christian theme ~ that is people praying at the foot of the towers ~ angels taking my son s soul to heaven ~ some people cursing God in anger ~ kind strangers nearby silently praying nearby ~ dead bodies on the sidewalk and more. The story quilt is embellished with paper dolls. plastic. wire. wood. and other items. The new york Daily News did an article on it but did not focus on the unique christian thems behind the piece. The purpose of the piece is to hopefully draw attention to what hate and indifference can do to a people and how our unexpected destinies bring us together for better or maybe for the worse. There are many stories that can be gleaned from the piece. I made it for the purpose of bringing people together and desire that we learn to cooperate with one another in love and unity. Even if you are not interested in my story I would appreciate a response back so I will know you received this message. God bless hou and thank you.