Sister Maureen Fiedler Extended Interview

How close are US Catholic ties to the Vatican going to be in the future? “That’s a question that is definitely up for grabs in this particularly dispute.” Watch more of our interview with Interfaith Voices radio host Sister Maureen Fiedler.


  • Claudia Rushlow

    I’m a sister OVER 50 years and I basically agree with this report. The bishops actually did us a favor by picking on us to examine. What a wonderful legacy our sisters have left in just the U.S. I’m so glad to be alive at this time, though a bit turbulent.





  • George Clements

    I don’t know who the leadership group will select to represent the nuns to the news media but Maureen Fiedler would be an outstanding choice. Well said, Maureen.

  • Alex

    Who has authority in the Church according to the Second Vatican Council?

    2. In this Church of Christ the Roman pontiff, as the successor of Peter, to whom Christ entrusted the feeding of His sheep and lambs, enjoys supreme, full, immediate, and universal authority over the care of souls by divine institution. Therefore, as pastor of all the faithful, he is sent to provide for the common good of the universal Church and for the good of the individual churches. Hence, he holds a primacy of ordinary power over all the churches.

    The bishops themselves, however, having been appointed by the Holy Spirit, are successors of the Apostles as pastors of souls.(3) Together with the supreme pontiff and under his authority they are sent to continue throughout the ages the work of Christ, the eternal pastor.(4) Christ gave the Apostles and their successors the command and the power to teach all nations, to hallow men in the truth, and to feed them. Bishops, therefore, have been made true and authentic teachers of the faith, pontiffs, and pastors through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to them.(5) (DECREE CONCERNING THE PASTORAL OFFICE OF BISHOPS IN THE CHURCH)

    The Council was in essence an evangelical council. It pushed the laity to enter ministry and share in the work that up to that time was mainly entrusted to the clergy and religious. This was a breakthrough. We should celebrate the great opportunities the council opened for the laity to work closely in the task of evangelization. However, this did not create a democratic church or a way for the secular values, more easily spread among the laity, to become the new dogmas of the faith. The sisters know very well that they have twisted the council to more closely fit their own very secularized worldview. She says that people are leaving the Church. Yes they are. Either to leave religion all together or to join churches that are more evangelical and conservative. And also few are joining orders like hers. The growing orders are those that reflect Christian values, not secularized values that people can find elsewhere.

  • kathy conner

    Thank you for all you are doing.
    It is so important.
    I am a Catholic and have felt God loves me as a woman as much as a man. I know my soul would rest and heal if the church agreed.
    We are created equally and God loves us all the same. Now if the Church would treat us that way millions of woman would be much more happy about their faith.
    We would have more active roles and happier all around.
    I am not alone.
    I am tired of my backwards church turning away all the youth and my pain is deep as I see all the woman wanting to share their gifts and being looked down on from narrow minded men. God Help me