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John Green: Assessing the Electoral “God Gap”

In a conversation continued from the Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly broadcast, managing editor Kim Lawton talks more with Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life senior fellow John Green about religious voting patterns on November 4th and the implications for American politics.

  • jacinta lawson

    Barak Obama brought large numbers of people young and old out to vote
    His politics was so lucid it made the Republican Party take note
    Barak Obama is so respected, educated, and smart
    that he brought a country together which was previously falling apart
    Barak Obama is melatto like my Mom even though he is black
    yet his character is so elegant that white people forget that
    Barak Obama made the Pope praise him, Jessie Jackson and Opra cry
    And soon with the help of God and all of us, he make the entire countries problems go bye bye
    Barak Obama will help the soldiers fighting in the Iraqi war
    lay down their arms, stop their pain, and fight no for nothing no more
    Dear Lord, I cannot wait to see the smile on our faces
    when every thing is again in safer and balance places
    and that is why I pray to God Obama can deliver
    and God bands this Horne, greedy, wicked curse from us forever.
    by jacinta lawson

    Sometimes home ministry is better than the church

  • Marie Nugent

    Why was Bishop Egan replaced????