Papal Resignation and Succession: “Move the Church into the Future”

“I look forward to seeing who our next Holy Father is and how he is going to move the church into the future,” says Maureen Ferguson, senior policy advisor for the Catholic Association.


  • Elena

    Does moving the church into the future mean changing the church’s point of views? I hope not. What she says can be interprated as wanting change.


    The Roman Catholic Church does not need to “move into the future”. This Church has lasted over 2,000 years. Rather, the Church needs take a good hard look at where it has come from and return to those basics which had lasted for centuries and held the Church in good stead. Once Vatican II started overturning numerous traditions of the Church which made the Church so unique among religions, the journey downhill began its descent.

    The Latin mass, the beautiful liturgies, private confessionals, receiving Holy Communion while kneeling and on the tongue did not need to be changed. This superficial “need” to adapt to the secular world or to resemble more closely a protestant sect has done a great deal of damage to the Church. The policy of admitting homosexuals to the seminaries has created more chaos than almost anything else. Our priests do not need to marry, women were not called to the priesthood by Christ, and all these liberal changes which some so-called practicing Catholics espouse will only damage the Church even more than it already has endured.

    When the Church’s hierarchy decides to go back to the basics (pre-Vatican II), you will see a return of many who deserted the changed Church and an increase in religious vocations. And, perhaps, these new “nuns” who find nothing wrong with abortion will disappear and be replaced with women of faith who truly want to serve God.

  • johanna price

    we will pray for our dear servant of God, Our Holy Father, as he goes into seclusion to pray for the whole world. May Our Lord strengthen him and give him grace for the journey into seclusion.

  • Caro Huclebrige

    Let us pray that our next Holy Father maintains the doctrine of Chist’s chuch. With regard to ‘ethical’ and ‘moral’ situations and/or quandries, we must respect what the Church has taught for 2012+years. Our instuctiuons are divine and cannot be compromised.

    Your Sister in Christ,