• Juanita Keys

    I hope the family will go where they are entirely comfortable.They should choose a strong,spirtual leader that loves the Lord, knows the scripture and spends time with Him. I think this is the only way they can continue to grow ” in the Lord”.

    P-E Obama appears to me to truly know and walk with the Lord. He communicates with the Lord and knows what it means to worship in “SPIRIT AND Truth”.He grew under Rev Wright and I know he is grateful for this. It was too bad that many in this country was too “God illiterate” to see this and understand Rev Wright.
    I pray he will continue to make the good choices for his life,family and this country that he has made. Thank God for his character, his example and consequently his mentoring for all to see This will subsequently cause others to askthe question “what can I do to be saved?’
    I love the whole family.