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Ingrid Mattson: A New Spirit of Inclusion

Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America, says many US Muslims are optimistic that President Barack Obama’s administration will lead to a new climate of religious openness.

  • Rev. David A. Ames

    What is wonderful and remarkable is that President Obama’s election signals a dramatic and welcomed change in our human quest to build greater understanding and respect for people who are different from ourselves. Race, gender, nation,– we must all learn to live together on a fragile planet in which the dignity of every person is honored. There is new hope for peace and the pursuit of happiness.

  • B. Ziering

    Yes, of course. God loves and holds out hope for all of mankind. We as Christians understand our individual calling are the 2 R’s. To be in “Relationship” with all of God’s creatures, and to “represent” the character of Jesus to one and all. And how to do this? To have a willing and obedient heart, and to follow “truth”, scripture, with a pure heart and desire.