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Joshua DuBois: Faith and Values Important to Obama

President Barack Obama has selected Joshua DuBois to head the White House Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The 26-year-old Pentecostal minister led religious outreach for Obama’s presidential campaign. DuBois spoke with Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly managing editor Kim Lawton several times along the campaign trail about Obama’s goals for connecting with people of faith.

  • Rev. Jimmie Matthews

    Is there any ministrial group for Pres. Obama organizations?

  • Helen Sizemore

    This comment is not inapropriate, malicious, long, unclear nor unfair. Your note to users simply says that comments contrary to your beliefs or opinions will not be posted. I’ll wait to see whether mine appears. Thank you very kindly.

  • Ronke

    Let us give Pres. Obama a chance. I believe he is doing his best to reach out and sort out some key issues. The appointment of Rev. Joshua DuBois to a faith based post is a good one.

  • kilty

    We don’t need this type of faith based organization.
    It is not inclusive and leaves non-traditional religions out of the mex.
    I am also getting very tired of Obama putting more and more blacks in positions they have not earned. This is a minority not a majority and it is being treated like one.

  • Rev. Dean C. Trivandian

    My main concern is that a wet-behind-the-ears 26 year old–barely experienced enough in life to forge his own core religious beliefs, much less at building a broad coalition of interdenominational leaders–has been chosen to head up a 25-member Faith Council to advise President Obama. Judging from Obama’s Cabinet member selection process, it doesn’t bode well for this group’s makeup either, however well-intentioned the effort may be.

  • Suan Hurd

    President Obama is trying to lead with God’s help, not like P Bush who said the jesus turned his like around. He did not practice what he said except leading us into war like for 5000 years in The Bible. Nothing was acomplished then or now. A good council I think if we keep church and state apart!

  • Michelle Stewart

    The Bible teaches us to rebuke in love. Rev Dean Trivandian – your comments sir are not even representative of a follower of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Let us not forget sir, God almighty Himself annointed and appointed a young, wet behind the ears red headed dude named David to lead a nation. For that matter, He even chose an 8 year to do the same thing. In addition sir, all power and authority belongs to God Almighty Himself. He, God Almighty, gives it to whom He chooses. Since He created us & knew us in our mother’s womb, He also knows who we are and what He purposed us to be. We, sir, didn’t stand on the street for 41 hours in silent protest with a sign for the injustice he witnessed. Minister DuBois did. God didn’t call us to be the head of this council, He called Minister Dubois. As such, it would behove us to remember to pray for our leaders – all of them, good, bad, ugly, pretty, indifferent, old, really old, young and babyface young. I say this because your comments, should it be read by others such as myself, is a deterrent to younger generations coming up. We tell them if they believe they can achieve. So they take us at our word, believe and achieve. It would be a sin Man of God for us to judge this young man.
    In so doing, we indirectly speaker against the leader of this nation whom God chose to be in office and laid it on his heart to chose this young man for this position. We also indirectly tell God that He, God Almighty, don’t know what the heck He’s doing is granting authority to a “wet-behind-the-ears 26 year old”. Please don’t forget who brought us out of bondage and granted us life and favor to even see these days when color is sincerely beginning not to matter. Let us not give the enemy any room to play and give way to flesh and its desires.
    Please remember, as great an influence as Minister Dubois will have in this office, you have even a greater influence in that the mindset displayed by your comments could hinder the move of God so greatly needed in this country.
    I thank you for hearing me in this comment and I bless the Lord for you receiving these encouraging words – in love.
    A Sister In Christ, believing and achieving.

  • Pastor Douglas Edwards

    Pastor DuBois:
    Although you have not responded to either of my letter mailed to you in February, I want you to know that I still have faith in you and President Obama. However, in keeping with his and your commitment, I still believe you should respond to my letters.

  • LYNNEA Kay

    If Obama believes in the Living God, why did he not go to the National Day of Prayer????, but he did attend a muslium temple.