Rabbi Shira Stutman Extended Interview

Watch more of our interview about the meaning of Shavuot with the director of community engagement at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Washington, DC.


  • Henry

    I would like to know–curious; non-Jewish person here–how a Jewish person who happens to be homosexual is supposed to be “really happy” during Shavuot, which celebrates the Torah, which includes that infamous book of Leviticus, which includes that even more infamous text, which I don’t think I need to mention? Also, how are modern day individuals to have modern day conversations, in an attempt to relate that time period to their lives, if they happen to be gay?

  • Katinka Holst

    Dear Rabbi Shira Stutman and Rabbi Cherie Harder,

    Thank You so verry much for this Video and the One about Shavuoth, and extended Interwieuw, by Rabbi Cherie Harder, looking by Google to find some Information about Shavuoth, verry Gratefull, while living The Netherlands , by Mysellf and Less Mobile, it is Gift. Americans annd Canadians seem to be so more Open to Sharing and Welcoming People.(Apart From The Scale)!

    I am not sure I will this Year, maybe at Home, but I wiil be Enriched Again, and let Us Hope We will be Renrewed, Enlightened and Heaaled and ofcourse Happy,

    Shalom from