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  • Silvia Wolff

    Today, Monday August 15, I turned on to the station and heard the last of the interview with Rev. Petersen. Right after that the lady said:
    Today is the Feast of Assumption for the Catholics. Then she proceeded to say that we believe that Mary did not die but at the end of her life “ascended ” to heaven. PLEASE, if you are going to make comments about a Faith you owe it to report correctly. Ask someone who is an authority, or better yet, consult the Cathechism of the Catholic Church. This can be done on line with no cost!
    The Catholic Church doesNOT teach that she did not die! And she could NOT have ascended to heaven. She was NOT God!! The Church teaches that she was ASSUMED into heaven body and soul. Her Divine Son could not have the body that carried Him rot in a grave!!! That is why the feast is called ASSUMPTION!! God Assumed her. This was the belief from the 2nd Century on; check the early Church Fathers!! The reporter took it on herself to CHANGE Catholic Theology. Common and sad.
    silvia wolff