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    We take our annual look back at the top religion and ethics news of the year—Pope Francis and his priorities, such as helping the poor, and also churches divided over homosexuality and same-sex marriage. More

    December 27, 2013 | Comments

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    What “peace on earth” means; the representation of indigent defendants 50 years after Gideon; and the centennial of St. Olaf College’s musical Christmas festival.

    December 20, 2013

  • 1715featured

    More than 80,000 Mormon missionaries are now serving around the world; all abortions are against the law in this Central American country; and this dancing by Sufi Muslims is also a spiritual offering.

    December 13, 2013 | Comments

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    The legacy of Nelson Mandela; the pope’s document urging Catholics to do more for the poor; churches and alternative Christmas gift-giving; and the growing number of Hispanic Protestants in the U.S.

    December 6, 2013 | Comments

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    Divisions in the United Methodist Church over same-sex marriage; historian Taylor Branch on the key civil rights events of 1963; students and tutors recite the Gettysburg Address in honor of its 150th anniversary. More

    November 27, 2013 | Comments

  • feat-1712-800

    Celebrating Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same day; removing the homeless from downtown; and using dogs to comfort disaster victims. More

    November 22, 2013 | Comments

  • feat-1711-conversation-800

    A conversation on the agenda of the US Catholic bishops and the anniversary of JFK’s assassination; the debate over gun control in communities of faith; and a movement to identify the unmarked graves of mentally disabled patients More

    November 15, 2013 | Comments

  • feat-1710-fullepisode-800

    A Supreme Court case tests the limits of public prayer and the First Amendment; income inequality threatens to put an end to the American Dream; its 75th anniversary recalls a violent anti-Semitic pogrom known as the “night of broken glass”; and the destruction of a historic British cathedral during World War II leads to a ministry of peace and reconciliation. More

    November 8, 2013 | Comments

  • feat-1709-full-800

    Changing expectations for reform under Pope Francis; violence, neuroscience, and the ethics of probing the human brain to predict violent behavior; and Reza Aslan, author of “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.” More

    November 1, 2013 | Comments

  • feat-1708-800

    The debate over what it means to be a Catholic university; the long spiritual journey of poet Christian Wiman. More

    October 25, 2013 | Comments

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