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  • In this lesson, students explore various traditional children's and adolescent faith-based rites of passage. They examine modern coming of age ceremonies - ones that are more secular in nature - and create a rite of passage that best reflects their personal life journeys.

  • Many of the most prominent figures of the civil rights movement drew their motivation to fight for freedom and equality from their religious faith.

  • Is the environment a religious issue? Across many religious faiths, nature's beauty and value are embraced.

  • What are the visions typically associated with marriage? Happy couples composed of a man and a woman -- well, at least, from a traditional perspective.

  • The rift between the Sunnis and Shiites is over 1,300 years old. Despite the factions' shared beliefs, their differences are great enough to sustain an ongoing sectarian schism.

  • In a world torn by religious violence, and in America, where there is terrific religious diversity, is it possible for varied faith communities to come together to discuss commonalties and differences?

  • Many factors motivate people to "do good" for others or to rally behind a cause. Service, such as volunteering, is common and considered valuable to all involved.

  • Medical decision making is complex, wrought with personal, professional, societal, institutional, and, most of all, ethical implications.

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