May 20, 2015 | Comments

R&E is moving its Washington office, so the news writing operation is on hiatus until June 5. For up-to-date religion headlines and stories visit the site of the Religion News Service and the R&E Facebook page.


May 15, 2015 | Comments

News about changes in America’s religious landscape generated much discussion and debate this week. According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Christians in the country has declined significantly in the last seven years. At … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

In Washington, President Obama joined a panel discussion on poverty at a Georgetown University conference of Catholic and evangelical leaders. He spoke about America’s growing opportunity gap and praised people of faith for playing a unique role in the fight … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

The Vatican sparked international debate this week after it announced a treaty with “the State of Palestine.” The agreement covers treatment of Catholic entities under Palestinian jurisdiction. While the Vatican has been referring to a Palestinian state since 2012, this … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

Last weekend, Pope Francis met with Cuban President Raul Castro at the Vatican. Francis will be visiting Cuba in September and is credited with helping to thaw relations between that nation and the US. The Communist Castro said he was … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

International concern is rising over the plight of Rohingya Muslim and Bangladeshi migrants in Southeast Asia, thousands of whom are stranded at sea. The migrants are fleeing persecution and poverty. This week several boats containing hundreds of people were rescued … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

Aid groups say relief work continues in Nepal despite this week’s powerful earthquake, the second in less than a month. More than 8,000 were killed and millions displaced after the April 25th quake. Dozens more were killed in this week’s … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

Baha’is observe the Declaration of the Bab (May 22-23), the day in 1844 when a spiritual leader known as the Bab announced that he had been sent to prepare the way for God’s universal messenger.
And next weekend Jews celebrate the … More


May 15, 2015 | Comments

Catholics in El Salvador are getting ready for the beatification next weekend of the late Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero. Romero was assassinated in 1980 after speaking out against El Salvador’s military government. His path to sainthood had been blocked for … More


May 8, 2015 | Comments

This week people of faith in Baltimore prayed for peace and justice as the city’s six-day curfew came to an end following last week’s riots. Maryland governor Larry Hogan attended a mass in the West Baltimore neighborhood that the late … More