As Boston Commemorates One-Year Anniversary of Bombings, Muslims Announce New Initiative against Religious Extremism


Prayer services and other somber ceremonies were held in Boston this week to mark the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. The full day of memorials included a wreath-laying ceremony and a moment of silence to honor the victims. The alleged perpetrators were Muslims, and this week US Muslim leaders announced a new initiative to combat religious extremism. The Muslim Public Affairs Council, or MPAC, unveiled its project to help Muslim communities intervene in the lives of those at risk of being radicalized:

Haris Tarin (MPAC Washington, DC Office Director): “If a young, troubled individual has problematic thoughts and ideas and is moving towards a path of violence, there are places where you can stop them, through theological help, through mental health services, through family counseling, and this is what the Safe Spaces Initiative is about.”