9/11 Memorial Readies for Opening, Muslim Groups Protest Film

9-11-HEAD-smIn New York, President Obama joined September 11th survivors and rescuers to dedicate the 9/11 Memorial Museum that opens next week (May 21). The president called the museum a “sacred place of healing and hope.” Meanwhile, some Muslim and interfaith groups are voicing concerns about a film in the museum on Al-Qaeda. They say language in the film could lead viewers to believe Islam was responsible for 9/11. Museum officials said the film is “objectively telling the story of what happened.”

  • Lila

    Most Americans already believe 9/11 was caused by Islam. It is amazing how few people know anything at all about Islam. They believe what they read in the media and the media is out for sensationalism to sell what they have. I have studied Islam (as well as Christianity and Judaism) and it is not at all what people think. Radicals have high jacked the religion and use it as their means to political power and there is little of the true religion used. They twist the meanings of things and outsiders only see these twisted versions. Example: A Muslim cannot change religions. Mohammed said that religion needed to be a person’s own choice. In the Hadith is does mention that one cannot change religions, but this was in time of war only. When it was written, changing religions during war meant one was going to the other side of the conflict and therefore it was the same as treason. Granted, too many radical Muslims still want to apply this to today. But, it is not true Islam.

  • leelongchamp

    9/11 was rgw result of a group of Muslims killing 3000 Amerian on that date. They called themselves Musims and were reported to have said ‘Allah Akbar” as they slaughtered.
    They are not alone either. Most recently it is Boko Haram kidnapping 300 schoolgirls and threatening to sell them as slaves, but nearly every day you hear of Terrorism and related killing by people who proudly call themselves Muslim.
    CAIR owes the American people, especially those killed on 9/11 (including Muslims) that they represent the “real” Islam. By their actions, what we commonly call “islamists” are demonstrating what they are the real Muslims.
    CAIR is threatening what Amerians find priceless, freedom of speach. Censorship by a minority sounds more like an appeal for “political correctness” rather than facing the fact that some Muslims use the the Holy scriptures to justify terrorism and other uncivilied acts.
    The fact is that we don’t know what the majority of Muslims in our world hold to be the “true” Islam. A casual look at newspapers around the world reveals more Muslims engaged in and supporting violence and terrorism then there are Muslims who are willing to stop them.