US-Africa Summit Tries to Introduce Story of New, “Emergent Africa”

africa-summit-NEWS-smLeaders from dozens of African nations came to a summit in Washington this week where they discussed health challenges, security, and economic development. President Obama called for more joint partnerships, saying the US has a moral obligation to support Africa’s progress. With all the headlines about Ebola and other problems, former Vatican diplomat J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, said he believes it’s time for a different narrative:

J. Peter Pham (Director, Atlantic Council Africa Center): “There is an emergent Africa, an increasingly confident Africa politically, economically, and religiously, and hopefully we begin to take a look at the new Africa beyond our usual lens of Africa with its hand out in need of rescuing by outsiders.”

Watch excerpts from our extended interview with J. Peter Pham on the new Africa.