Air Force Drops “God” from Oath


There were mixed reactions after last week’s announcement that Air Force cadets will no longer be required to say “so help me God” when taking their honor oath. The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs decided to make the language optional after a complaint that it violated the cadets’ freedom of religion. The decision and the reactions to it highlight the ongoing debate over the role of religion in the U.S. military.

  • bradleyallen2

    More of the attack upon peoples faith by confused people. At one time i called myself an atheist and would have objected to having to say this, but, if you dont want to join then stay out. look at the history of the United States and the influence of God over the centuries. Our military has the right to keep this wording handed down from centuries past. its a total disgrace to make that wording optional, taking out so help me God?

    what it does is enforce an attack upon peoples faith, it teaches there is no accountability.

    at the most basic level it says a soldier can be disloyal to the USA and he or she can refuse to follow orders and can become an embedded enemy