Mixed Religious Reactions to Congressional Budget Agreement


Faith leaders had mixed reactions to the bipartisan budget agreement passed by Congress this week. For many months religious groups have been urging the government, when slashing the nation’s deficit, to protect programs that serve the poor. The Christian lobby Bread for the World and others welcomed the $85 billion deal to limit automatic spending cuts, but said it was only a short-term solution. They also pointed out that the bill still leaves over one million Americans without unemployment insurance benefits after the year’s end.

  • michael aller

    Ok , sorry this has nothing to do with our useless corrupt Congress. This comment is about a PBS interview I watched on Christmas night. The interview was with a pseudo intellectual College Professor who wrote a book ‘Hidden Jesus’ or something to that effect. The Author admited he was not a Theologian and yet he felt qualified to add another new age spiritualist theory about GOD in the form of Jesus Christ. This book as most new age books do , presents GOD as an ambiguous spirit presence that exists in all life forms and everywhere and the Christ as just another historical philosopher like the Budha. These silly ignorant books do not offend me however I think it was poor programming to air this junk on Christmas.