Catholics Divided on Social Justice, Poverty, and Abortion Issues

In a major speech on poverty, vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan this week praised religious charities while blasting federal anti-poverty programs. He charged they create what he called a “debilitating culture of dependency.” Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the “Nuns on the Bus” tour, criticized Ryan, a fellow Catholic, for wanting to slash federal funding for low-income families. She argued that contradicted church teachings.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Catholic News Service, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput said Catholics must be loyal to their church, not their political party, on the issue of abortion. A poll released this week from the Public Religion Research Institute found that 60 percent of Catholics think the church should focus more on social justice and the poor even if that means focusing less on issues like abortion.

  • Lois Meza

    I fully support the work of Sister Campbell and have donated to the cause. I am a practicing Catholic and believe that Christ’s mission is to help the poor and those in need. Religous institutions can only do so much. The government must provide the safety net our society needs. Lois Meza

  • jose roman

    the problem we have is that the republican party hides behind their so called conservative ideology, when all they care
    about is I. how much tax i pay, why should i pay taxes to help others, their believe is that God blesses the child that got his, if they are against abortion, but they are the same people that want to cut all the social services that would help the woman that would have those babies. how can a group of people be so selfish. and hide behind their so called religious moral. and more power to Sister Simone she is right and on the front line,, to me the issue is to educate the women about abortion and guilt they will carry thru out their lives and have programs avilables so that when they have the baby they are help. and the Catholic Church shouild get back in the business of taking care of
    kids like they use to, the VAtican should also stop looking at their portfolio,, what would be the answer from the Pope
    if Jesus ask why do you have all these riches stored in the vatican and all these people are dying and newborns been killed when you can do something about..

  • Kristina Hall

    I will never understand why the conservatives (even in Europe) usurp the right to claim to be the most Christian political front, when in reality it was the Christ teaching to love thy neighbor, and help the poor. Abortion is a sin, but as such, it is aso a private descision. We can not prevent our nighbor from committing a sin, we can only educate them through love.

  • Richard Green

    To Lois, Jose and Kristina above:
    At no place in the Scriptures does Jesus suggest that the government sholud redistributre wealth. He does however require it of His followers.
    The USA achieved its greatness through the economic freedom of its citizens. If you really want the US to collapse, just look to the situation in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. They are rapidly becoming 3rd world paracitic nations due to their government’s “cradle to the grave” handouts.
    You may continue to hate the wealthy, but just remember–they are the ones who have to pay for it all. At some point it will all come crashing down around you.