Churches Adjust to Flu Season

flu-seasonAmid a particularly bad flu season, some congregations are making changes to their worship services to try to prevent spreading the illness. In some Catholic dioceses, priests have been allowed to stop offering wine from the communal chalice. Congregants were asked to bow during the sign of peace, instead of shaking hands. And in Washington, DC those who are sick were encouraged to stay home and try to watch a Mass on television.

  • mark

    Clearly this is not a photo of a Roman Catholic congregation as the cup in a Roman Church the cup is only offered to the Priests. Why does the media always reference the Roman church and then have pictures which clearly are most likely an Episcopal Parish? Will more readers read if the Roman Catholic church is mentioned?
    Call a shovel a shovel and report accurately and do not miss align or mislead the public.
    Do your research before publishing incorrect photo’s stories, please.
    Epiphany blessings,