Controversial Christian Ministry Apologizes to Gay Community

exodus-international-280x180Exodus International, a controversial Christian group that promoted reparative therapy to change the sexual orientation of gays, has announced it is closing and launching a new ministry instead to help churches host “thoughtful and safe” conversations about sexuality. Exodus president Alan Chambers issued an open apology to gays and lesbians for “years of undue suffering and judgment at the hands” of Exodus. He acknowledged that had turned many people against faith. However, Chambers said he would not apologize for his continued beliefs about what he called the scriptural boundaries surrounding sex.

  • Leah

    Due to the reaction of so many Christian groups and churches toward Gays, I am beginning to realize I have next to no use for most Christians. On so many issues, I am sick and tired of their holier than thou attitudes. I left the Christian church more than 1/2 a lifetime ago-because I could not accept the concept of anything being holy about Jesus-but the last few years I found more and more be disgusted at them about.

  • Ellen

    What are they up to? It is doubtful that they won’t keep trying to ”turn” Gays. They should disband and everyone go on his/her way.

  • Jim

    Chambers offers just a hollow apology. Many Christian fundamentalists are like the Scribes or Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked. They also have a Taliban-like mentality.