George Beverly Shea, 1909-2013

george-beverly-sheaLegendary gospel singer George Beverly Shea died this week at the age of 104. Shea became famous as the featured soloist at Billy Graham crusades. During his 80-year career, he recorded more than 70 albums of hymns and wrote several popular worship songs. In 2011, just before receiving a Grammy for lifetime achievement, he spoke with Kim Lawton:

George Beverly Shea: Someone said, why have you been doing this all these years? I put my thumb up to the air toward heaven, and I said I’ve been doing it for Him.

Kim Lawton, correspondent: Shea says his faith keeps him going, and he sees every day as a gift.

Shea: I don’t know when heaven will loom up for me, but we have to look forward to it. I hope there will be an organ up there to play. Oh, boy, I love organ music.