Iran: Human Rights and Religious Leaders Call for Release of Iranian-American Pastor


This week (September 26) Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini marks one year in prison in Iran. Abedini was arrested after he traveled there to help establish orphanages and a network of house churches. He was convicted of undermining Iran’s security and sentenced to eight years in prison. Human rights groups and religious leaders renewed calls for his release. As new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani traveled to the UN General Assembly in New York, evangelist Billy Graham issued an open letter also appealing for Abedini’s release.

  • Kimberlee

    I pray Pastor Abedini will be released, and then will not return to Iran again. I understand his family lives there and he has charitable projects he has supported there, but if there is another time, they will not be lenient with him. By the way, there are Baha’i prisoners who have been in prison for 5 years now. They are not US citizens, though our Government and the UN and people of note from around the world have called for their release. These are peaceful, law-abiding folks, men and women, who are parents and grandparents, business people, educators, etc who have faced great suffering in prison. I pray they will be allowed to return to their families.