Supreme Court Justice Breyer Speak About Jewish Identity and Social Justice

Breyer-and-Kagan-NEWS-smThousands of Jewish leaders gathered this week (November 9-11) in Washington, DC for the Jewish Federations General Assembly. They discussed a broad range of issues facing the global Jewish community, such as rising anti-Semitism. Among the speakers were Supreme Court justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, who are both Jewish. Breyer said he is guided by the Torah’s emphasis on justice—in Hebrew, tzedek:

Justice Stephen Breyer: “There is a message, and the message has something to do with tzedek, and it has something to do with tzedakah, and it has something to do with social justice, and the law should work out so there is not too much injustice in the way in which it does work out. Those are things I think, those are things Elena thinks, those are things we all think.”