Lutherans Elect First Female Presiding Bishop


The country’s largest Lutheran denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has elected its first female presiding bishop. Reverend Elizabeth Eaton is the ELCA bishop of Cleveland. She is described as a moderate who supported the denomination’s decision to allow openly gay clergy but said the church needs to make room for those who do not agree. Eaton’s selection was a surprise. She defeated the incumbent bishop who had been widely expected to win a third term.

  • David Tiffany

    How does she come to the conclusions she has come to? Is she getting them from somewhere in Scripture, or is she getting them from somewhere else. It’s important for us to not move away from the truth of the Scriptures.

  • Marc

    It is not from scripture. It is human reasoning. The Bible is God’s unchanging principles for changing times. Matthew 7:21. ” Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” The ELCA should leave the Lutheran denonimation and be a simple church. They are pretty close to being non-Christian.

  • MainlineP

    You and “Marc” are, based on his comment and your blog, both literalists and fundamentalists. In your favor, you are less polemical than he. There are dozens of evangelical churches and denominations (or even non-denominational) churches of your stripe. Join one and be content and leave others who see faith differently to their own devices. In short, MYOB. There is no scripture or tradition elevating one sexual sin above another in seriousness, though you fundies wrongly think so. Thus adultery or heterosexual promiscuity is of equal sinfulness but you and those who think like you never foam at the mouth about those sins, do you? It’s always gay this or gay that, let’s start fulminating. Status or inclination is not behavior in any event and only fundies assert status alone is sinful.

  • oyesalways

    MainlineP, excuse me for asking but I was unclear on your point. (I’m not Lutheran myself but have family who are so had checked this article out and seen the comments. My own faith has no priests or clergy, so we don’t have this issue to deal with.) When you say that “fundamental” Lutherans don’t “foam at the mouth” over other sexual misbehavior such as adultery and promiscuity, I am confused. I had understood that these behaviors were basis for being removed from clerical positions in the ELCA. Not true?

  • David Tiffany

    I’d be interested in knowing how you came to your conclusions based on my comment. You are right. Sin is sin. Acceptance of sin as a way of life is another matter.

  • MainlineP

    Yes you are unclear as I said no such thing. I wasn’t referring to Lutherans at all but evangelical fundamentalists who foam at the mouth about certain people purely based on their status, not behavior and fulminate only about non-heterosexual conduct. They posted here only because ELCA accepts openly gay clergy and for no other reason. Is that too difficult to understand? There is no basis for condemning any clergy based solely on orientation. Didn’t Jorge Bergoglio (Francis I) of the RCC just say that?