Vatican Will Live-Stream Canonization of Two Popes

popes-HEAD-smVatican officials are busy preparing for the canonization—declarations of sainthood—of the late popes John Paul II and John XXIII on April 27. The beatification of John Paul in 2011 was a lavish affair. But this week the organizers of the canonization said it will have less pageantry. Still, the canonization will be broadcast live in 3D in more than 600 theaters around the world.

  • Cyril North

    a big yawn

  • Simone

    A Big Yes! We need more saints in this world!

  • BigAngelo

    John Paul 2 saved Easter Europe from work war 3 so yes, in my book, he’s so a saint.

  • BigAngelo

    World war 3 I meant…and that’s Eastern Europe.