Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Groups Raise Concerns about Middle East Violence and Destruction

violence-gaza-strip-israel-HEAD-smAs violence continued between Israel and Hamas, a coalition of faith-based humanitarian groups specifically raised concerns about what it called the “alarming toll” the conflict has taken on the children of Gaza. The Christian group World Vision said the violence and destruction of so much infrastructure has made it difficult to help the thousands in need. Muslim and several Christian groups ramped up their opposition to the conflict and urged the US to stop sending aid to Israel’s military effort. But Jewish groups and many other Christian leaders continued to express strong support for Israel. In Washington, hundreds of top Jewish religious and community leaders convened a summit to show their solidarity and unity. They heard from members of Congress and administration officials who pledged to continue helping Israel defend itself. Many at the summit also raised concerns about a wave of anti-Semitic attacks in parts of Europe where anti-Israel sentiment has been strong.