Religious Leaders Oppose Cuts to Food Stamps


Religious leaders are among those criticizing new cuts to the U.S. food stamp program that took effect November 1. For months, faith-based groups have warned this would hurt struggling Americans and strain the resources of charities that help the poor. The new cuts, which total $5 billion over the next year, affect nearly 48 million Americans who receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Next week, Congress will debate making even larger cuts over the next decade.

  • Tammy

    If food stamps were more regulated, the cut would not matter. I know of people who get food stamps and sell them for profit. I have often watched what people buy with food stamps—-junk food, food that is not good for you, and so often used is a wasteful way. Watching who really need food stamps and make sure those people have them is at the very top of the list of what needs changing. It is just not a well run program.

  • jean lewis

    I agree, the lack of oversight of these assistance programs are allowing abuse of these programs Ultimately, our very important social safety net becomes a political target for ambitious, uncaring, disconnected politicians looking for ammunition to dismantle the programs needed by the poor, elderly and those that can’t find employment.